Do you offer free samples?

The Mad Scientist and his minions have devoted years developing our powdered cannabis nutrient line and coco coir grow-media products to perfection. We are 100% confident that with DaKine 420, your garden will see the same insane results as our long list of master growers at some of the most successful commercial grows in the world. We have tested our products exhaustively, so you don’t have to. 

We do offer discounts on side-by-side test grows. Program qualifications and details can be found here.

If you’d like to give us a try in your garden, we recommend one of our sample kits, which combines multiple products together that saves you some cash and provides you with everything your garden needs for a full run.

Starter Kit 


1 - 200g Grow

1 - 200g Base

1 - 200g Bloom

Advanced Growers Kit


1 - 500g Grow

1 - 2,000g Base

1 - 2,000g Bloom

1 - 1,000g Shock & Awe

1 - 500g CalMag

1 - 100g Atomic Root Powder

1 - 100g Sticky Icky

1 - 100g Foliar Science 

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