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Nitro Nutrients Starter Kit

Nitro Nutrients Starter Kit

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The Nitro Nutrients Garden Fertilizer Three-Part Starter Kit provides a solid foundation for a healthy garden from start to finish. These 3 DaKine 420 powdered nutrients are the foundation of our entire line of products and are a perfect choice whether you are a beginner or an expert in the garden. 
This 3-part plant fertilizer kit is easy to use and includes our three core products; Grow, Base and Bloom. These three nutrients work together to give your plants everything they need to flourish from sprout to flower 
DaKine 420 Nitro Nutrient Starter Kit makes 70 gallons of plant-ready nutrients.
DaKine 420 Nitro Nutrients Advanced Hydroponic Fertilizer Starter Kit Contains:
1 Grow (200g) NPK: 15-0-15
Our top-rated cannabis nutrients formula for raging marijuana growth combines pure calcium, free of chloride, sodium, and heavy metals, with nitrate nitrogen–the most efficient nitrogen source for superior plant growth. Nitro Nutrients GROW makes your plants explode and thrive throughout the growing season. [Grow Safety Data Sheet]
1 Base (200g) NPK: 3-13-26
Nitro Nutrients BASE provides the ideal ratios for maximum vegetative growth, leading to fast-flowering results and plants that will just ooze THC. Nitro Nutrients BASE teams up with GROW to provide all the micronutrients needed for accelerated plant growth.  [Base Safety Data Sheet]
1 Bloom (200g) NPK: 8-14-28
BLOOM rounds out the Nitro Nutrients trifecta of cannabis-growing excellence. This super-finishing formula supplies NPK in perfect balance (with 3 times more potassium than nitrogen) to assure high yields and trophy buds. [Bloom Safety Data Sheet]
Your cannabis plants will thrive with DaKine 420 super-soluble concentrated powdered nutrients, formulated in the perfect ratios for high yield. DaKine 420 fertilizers contain no fillers—and since they are powders—have a great shelf life and cost less to ship. With everything your plants need, and nothing they don’t.
  • pH-Balanced
  • Lowest Heavy Metals in Industry
  • No Dyes
  • No Fillers
  • No Salt Build Up
  • Easy-to-Use Feed Chart
  • Water-Soluble Powder
  • Clean. No clogged feed lines.
  • Increased THC levels


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Brian  W. avatar
Brian W.
I just love you guys haha. My plants are even happy with you too!
Image submitted with review
Reynaldo N. avatar
Reynaldo N.
Started off with the starter kit. Love the results every time.
Image submitted with review
Will B. avatar
Will B.
Great product. Easy to use with fantastic results
Image submitted with review
Salvador V. avatar
Salvador V.
It’s looking good so far 👍🏽👍🏽 Good working product. I also use Root powder and Sticky Icky Enzymes
Image submitted with review
David F. avatar
David F.
I'm still new at growing and I couldn't be happier with my results so far thanks to the starter kit and shock and awe.
Image submitted with review
Seth P. avatar
Seth P.
Great food girls love it have to order more
Image submitted with review
David I. avatar
David I.
been using uour product for years and will continue.
Image submitted with review
Aaron M. avatar
Aaron M.
I have been using the starter system. It is working great. The plants are looking great. The ph up and down work great. I like the way the powder nutrients cost less then the liquid one. Can not wait to see how it finishes.
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Billy L. avatar
Billy L.
Awesomeness........ Billy potseed ,JoJoNETICS AND DAKINE 420 AWESOMENESS!
Image submitted with review
Will B. avatar
Will B.
Going to be a great next run with a full starter kit
Image submitted with review
Christopher D. avatar
Christopher D.
Since changing over to dakine, I have easily doubled yield, plants are healthier it seems, and way less deficiencies. You guys have won me over and ain't changing from this stuff for a long time.
Image submitted with review
Jane H. avatar
Jane H.
I have been using DAKINE 420 starter kit on this grow and I love the results. These plants are healthy, happy and looking great. These nutrients are easy to mix and use and the included growth charts takes all the guess work out of feeding. I am already looking forward to my next grow using DAKINE 420 products.
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Billy L. avatar
Billy L.
Recommended by JoJoNETICS!
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Linda  B. avatar
Linda B.
Three weeks old my baby girls bruce banner #3fast fem and Skywalker ghost ×triangle kush
Image submitted with review
Billy L. avatar
Billy L.
Dakine 420 is my new go to! Thank you! Increased my yield by 2 or 3 oz on average!
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Gary H. avatar
Gary H.
Started using the starter pack at 1 month from seed. After 2 months it went from a 4 inch plant to the point I had to transplant into a 10 gal pot. I topped her and flushed and flipped to 12/12. But she is still so big and bushy, she outgrew the tent. That tent is 7' 10" tall ! I will have to finish her up outside now. The growth has been so explosive. I have been growing for several years and this it the biggest plant I have ever grown, and she's not done yet! I normally do 2 plants in the tent at a time and after 3 months from seed they are usually half that size ! I have tried foxfarm nutes, happy frog, and several others but none did this good. The strain is Cheese feminized.
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James avatar
If you are not using Dakine 420 Nutrients you are missing out. I placed this order Friday afternoon, i received an email within the hour letting me know it had shipped, and my order was waiting for me in my post office box first thing this morning. Not only does Dakine 420 offer the absolute best nutrients available, they back it up with first class customer service. Thank you for amazing service and amazing products!
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Mr. Deez avatar
Mr. Deez
Image submitted with review
Alec K. avatar
Alec K.
I kept on seeing different deficiencies with my original nutrient line and was so frustrated with the lack of control. Dakine makes shit easy. Easy to read feed chart keeps me from guessing but also helped me keep a better grow schedule! Also best part most of my deficiencies never showed back up!
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Lavon  V. avatar
Lavon V.
Great product! Leaves and roots have all been lively and healthy since the start and the bloom process is looking mighty satisfying!
Image submitted with review
Cloud 9 avatar
Cloud 9
Dakine 420 nutrients blowing away my expectations with such an easy laid out feed chart!
Image submitted with review
Steven  T. avatar
Steven T.
4 weeks old Dakine 420 is blowing my plant up.
Image submitted with review
Renee G. avatar
Renee G.
great customer service! i did a side by side one plant with your dakine420 one without the pic speaks for itself so far very happy in this veg cycle. the sample packs are a great way to try new products cant wait to see the end product
Image submitted with review
Nathan T. avatar
Nathan T.
Love the product
Image submitted with review
David  G. avatar
David G.
The plants love dakine420 as much as I do Very pleased with my results I will never switch from dakine420
Image submitted with review
Natural Mystic (Amazon) avatar
Natural Mystic (Amazon)
The Mad Scientists knows what they are doing! The nutes are the bomb. The mad scientist cooked up a great product line with these nutes. All you will need to add is a bloom booster and some cal-mag (which Dakine420 has). Great line to use and is almost ph perfect so you wont need to use much ph down and up.
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Jamie (Facebook) avatar
Jamie (Facebook)
Ive used many different line ups. I love being able to weigh the doses making it extremely easy to be accurate. Ive seen very healthy growth and cant wait to see the end results.
Cletus B. avatar
Cletus B.
Good stuff
Brandon  S. avatar
Brandon S.
Great work guys💪💪💪💪💪
Phillip M. avatar
Phillip M.
I haven't started yet, still getting everything together
Travis N. avatar
Travis N.
Great line. Will be using again
Chance g. avatar
Chance g.
Paul B. avatar
Paul B.
So far, really good!

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