Dakine 420 Cannabis Nutrients & Cannabis Fertilizer
Achieve trophy buds with our super-soluble concentrated powdered nutrients formulated in the perfect ratios for optimal growth, maximum THC levels and improved terpene profiles.
Dakine 420 Microbials
Dakine’s microbial bacteria mixes make the best buds!  Beneficial bacteria ensures optimal mineral uptake and plant health. Plant-friendly microscopic mixes for optimal cannabis production.
Dakine 420 Coco Coir Grow Media

Dakine 420 Coco Coir soilless grow media products are made with premium, 100% pure, double-washed, high-quality coco coir pith. Suitable for indoor, greenhouse and outdoor use.

Dakine 420 Hemp Fertilizer
Dakine 420’s Hemp-specific fertilizers help attain higher CBD levels while maintaining a lower genetic-specific THC level. Beneficial microbes & organics help build a healthy, bio-active soil.

Customer Testimonials

Trenchtown Cannabis

“We switched over to DaKine and terpene profiles have improved dramatically. Reservoirs stay as clean as load day.”

Diamondback Genetics

“We have won 3 cannabis cup awards since rolling with DaKine 420. Food grade ingredients, awesome yields. Can’t beat it. 

Bobby Griffin

“Made the switch to Dakine 420 and I have not looked back since. I smile everytime someone asks how I keep my plants so happy.”


“Loved running this product in my autos. Ran in two different strains, both of them came out phenomenal! Easy to use, very efficient!”