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Advanced Growers Kit

Advanced Growers Kit

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Behold, the Advanced Growers Kit! Our new bigger, badder kit makes 600 gallons of plant-ready nutrients. The Advanced Growers Kit contains everything your garden needs.
(1) 2,000g Base
(1) 2,000g Bloom
(1) 1,000g Shock & Awe
(1) 500g CalMag
(1) 500g Grow
(1) 100g Atomic Root Powder
(1) 100g Sticky Icky
(1) 100g Foliar Science


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Nancy P. avatar
Nancy P.
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Billy  P. avatar
Billy P.
Was the pinnacle top of line stuff good food definitely has increased my yields thank you mad scientist love Billy pot seed
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Joshua K. avatar
Joshua K.
First time using Dakine first time strog and both I and the girls are loving it. Just a week into 12/12 and they are stretching nicely with nice strong stalks. More to come when they bloom but so far very Dakine!!!
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cedric r. avatar
cedric r.
30% Plus gros et plus en santé Meilleurs Goût. Facile a utilisé Je recommande DAKINE Je suis un Médical Grower
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Erick G. avatar
Erick G.
Looks like I’m getting fatter yields and denser buds with da kind now I would love to taste the smoke in a couple of weeks I’m so excited thank you for the free trail it was definitely worth it and I’m most likely going to run da kind again in my indoor
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Harlin’s Herbs avatar
Harlin’s Herbs
Jet Fuel!
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Justin W. avatar
Justin W.
I used it for half a cycle with my gelato in the picture, but now I'm using it on six plants all of which just hit pre-flower 2 gelato,2 cookies and cream and a Alaskan purple and a Critical Jack. I'm trying to find a whole line for me to use from here on out.
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Liberty M. avatar
Liberty M.
The girls are lovin the new food.
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Brian H. avatar
Brian H.
Had numerous leaf sign issues. Been using all products and have seen great improvements in every way. Looking forward to the flowering nutrients.
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John S. avatar
John S.
Love DaKine nutrients!!! Outperforms the competition 3 fold in my opinion. My girls are a month and a half old and I have them on a regular regimen of DaKine. I love it and as you can see my ladies love DaKine too!!! DaKine is number 1!!!
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Mark S. avatar
Mark S.
By far the best line out there! Mixes really well and is ph stable! After having a stockpile of others I have finally found the other love of my life! Get it!!!!!!
Rozel R. avatar
Rozel R.
Love it
Chris N. avatar
Chris N.
Easy to use for great results

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