Collection: Cannabis Nutrients

Why would you want to use powdered nutrients for hydroponic cannabis growing? The advantages are many, starting with a lower shipping cost and longer shelf life than liquid nutrients. That’s why we have cannabis nutrients for sale in hydroponics and gardening supply stores across the nation.

Our proprietary powdered cannabis nutrients are also super clean and will not clog your lines. They’re so clean, they disappear in solution.

With our handy nutrient calculators, you can dial in precise nutrient loads for optimal cannabis yields and THC levels, whether you’re growing in soil or soilless environments. The calculator is easy to use, and we also have real, live consultants available to talk with you on the phone every business day. We will help growers use our products to their full potential, answer your questions and help you troubleshoot. If you’re a retailer, we’ll help you market our products and build a brand-loyal following of repeat buyers.

Dakine 420 makes superior products with superior results to supply you with affordable cannabis nutrients for growing in hydroponic or soil conditions. Find out why hundreds of growers have made the Dakine 420 Mad Scientist their new best friend!