Can you explain "Flushing"?

Let’s talk about the all-important topic of flushing. (No, not that kind.) I mean nutrient flushing to keep your little plants happy.

First, let me ask a question or two I always ask that make me the life of the party: 

  • Are you growing in DWC, Hydroponics, Coco, Rockwool, or Soil (or are you just happy to see me)?
  • Hey baby, are you hand-watering, or are you feeding on an auto system with drip or micro-emitters?

Flushing is a very important part of the growing process no matter which grow mediums you are using. Yah. The frequency can be slightly different, but healthy plant life depends on flushing.

When growing in Coco, Rockwool, DWC, or in Hydroponics a good weekly freshwater flush is always recommended. Soil with less frequent watering can be done every 2 weeks. This helps remove any build-up in salts that could enhance nutrient lock-out if left unattended. 

When using Dakine 420 nutrients in your feed regimen, we recommend adding both Atomic Root Powder and Sticky Icky enzymes at 2 grams per gallon each when flushing. Use these in flushing until up to one week prior to harvest. These non-salt-based additives can safely be mixed together, and substantially improve root development during and after the flushing process. Flush with fresh water only every day 3 to 7 days prior to harvest for best tasting buds. 

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go take care of some personal runoff and flushing. Haha! (See what I did there?)


For Best Results Maintain at least 50% Run-Off

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