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Welcome to High Yield Headquarters

Welcome to High Yield Headquarters

Welcome to High Yield Headquarters

Welcome to High Yield Headquarters

Our Powdered Nutrients are 100% Water Soluble

Superior products, Superior results.

Experienced cannabis growers Trust the Mad Scientist.

Cannabis Growers who use Dakine 420 powdered cannabis nutrients have seen positive lab-tested results throughout their gardens. THC levels consistently increased by an average of 5% to 8% after switching to Dakine 420 Nutrients.

CANNABIS FEED SCHEDULE : Indoor, Outdoor, and Greenhouse cannabis feed schedules click here.

Like all plants, cannabis depends on beneficial bacteria for optimal mineral uptake and overall health—and Dakine’s Microbial bacteria mixes make the best buds!  Dakine’s Mad Scientist has put together some downright plant-friendly microscopic mixes for optimal cannabis production.

Our Coco Coir soil-less grow media are made with premium, 100% pure, double-washed, high-quality coco coir pith. Suitable for indoor, greenhouse and outdoor use, either alone or mixed with your favorite amendments. Available in Pure, Lite, and Organic Blend to accommodate any grow setup.

SOIL: To convert cubic feet to gallons click here.

Hemp Pro broadcast fertilizer (5-0.7-1.4) combines high-N, amino-acid-rich soybean meal with beneficial microbes and trace minerals for a soil-building slow-release fertilizer for sustainable high yields.

Our water-soluble 20-20-20 fertilizer is the only blend on the market that includes live microbes, ready to activate upon use. Great for supplemental feed regiments, including injector and drip systems.

HEMP: Broadcast and fertigation feed schedules click here.

Recent Testimonials

Best nutrients hands down! SO MUCH SNOW!

Well i thought i woukd try a new nutrient line. And i was shopping around! I got some dakine420 product and ran 2 brands advanced nutrients and dakine420. The dakine was so much better in a few ways.
1. Easier to work with. Scoops in the jars!
2. Mixed well in small 16oz. Bottles as wells as gallons.
3. Easier to store takes less space than liquids.
The trichrome pruduction is insane!
I have 5 nutrient lines and all of them are shelved except for this FANTASTIC line! I have the feeding chart pinned to my wall permanentlya

Russ gibbons
Category:Personal Medical Grower
Product(s) Used:Bloom, base, grow, cal+mag,bloom boost

Dakine 420 is where it’s at

I got dakine 420 after trying MANY different nutrient lines from bottled nutes to dry nutes. As soon as I got dakine in I could tell they took pride in their product. It was very nice and neat. When I would mix my nutrients my PH was always around 6.2 and the nutes were so easy to measure out and use. I had a lot of fun this grow because the nitro nutrients had everything my plants needed. I didn’t have to fight with any deficiencies or toxicities, I just followed their instructions on the feed chart and came out with the most beautiful plants and buds when they finished. The dakine 420 team is awesome as well, very helpful and always a quick response. Thank you dakine . I’ve already ordered again and am sold on this product right here

Matthew Garrison
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Grow, base, bloom , shock and awe, atomic root powder