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Great Products and Great Staff!

I came across Dakine products while gathering equipment for our commercial operation. Knowing nothing about them, I searched what I could and although I couldn’t find a whole lot of information out there about these guys, but what I did find looked promising. So with a few totes of the OG mix and a couple of their promo packs, we were set. I had used Advanced Nutrients in the past but me being me, I wanted to stand out and be different from other operations. I’d seen an operation that uses a another popular company with liquid nutrients and the tanks just looked NASTY! So far, you can hardly tell that our tank has had any nutrients in it at all. No nasty residues here with these powdered nutrients. We’ve followed the instructions and the plants have looked great the entire grow thus far. Dark green waxy-like leaves that are never drooping down or curling up and are always healthy looking. We ran out of CalMag for several days and you could see the deficiencies coming out in our plants. Once we got them back on CalMag, the deficiencies went away almost immediately. We knew then the nutes were doing their job. Also the staff is incredibly knowledgeable. Kyle has been my main contact up there and has helped tremendously with not only nutrient information, but with a lot of general facility operation questions I’ve had along the way too. We are just a few weeks into flower on our first run and can’t wait to see how well the plants finish with these nutrients!

Clint, Oklahoma Medical Grower

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