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Couldn’t believe the difference

This is our first year growing hemp, we are also a Certified organic grower so we grew our hemp crop the way we grow our herbs and heirloom veggie plants. I should also mention that we are not field growers , our crop is being grown outdoors on drip in 15 gallon pots. I had asked for and received some samples from Dakine 420 , one of the products is the hemp pro fertilizer that Dakine is working towards getting the OMRI seal for. We applied the fertilizer as a top dressing according to the labels directions , this particular crop was potted in early July and the whole crop was the Baox variety. After a couple of weeks we started to notice a difference in the 5-6 pots that received the fertilizer, aside from the deep green color of the pots and overall robust appearance these pots really stood out from the rest of the crop. Now that the plants are in the flowering stage it’s easy to see the difference in flower size and the distance between the nodes, all of the other pots in this crop looked great as well but the difference was easy to see in the ones with the Dakine 420 product, we will have flower from these pots tested against the rest of the crop after the drying and curing process to see how the cannabinoid profile stacks up. Overall… when this fertilizer receives its OMRI seal and our certified signs off on it , it’s what we will use for any crops to follow. Great job Dakine 420

John Wrenn, Hemp Grower, J&B Herb & Plant Farm