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Awesome Results

I spoke with nate a few months back and ask about the sample box…he was on it . got me in contact with the office and the young lady there was just amazing went way out of her way to assist me…got my box few days later and was super excited to try these as i've tried others in the past with good results…let me tell ya something .. You need to try this product Dakine 420 is very forgiving already PH perfect right on the money for me keeps mine at about 6.5 every time . I’m on my second run using these nutrients and my plants cannot be happier and they are stack to the gills with trichs and supersized buds. And the flavour they have is amazing ….thank you Nate and the whole Dakine 420 staff …as well as product and service every thing is above and beyond … Dakine 420 for the win!

Jeff Walters