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Couldn’t believe the difference

This is our first year growing hemp, we are also a Certified organic grower so we grew our hemp crop the way we grow our herbs and heirloom veggie plants. I should also mention that we are not field growers , our crop is being grown outdoors on drip in 15 gallon pots. I had asked for and received some samples from Dakine 420 , one of the products is the hemp pro fertilizer that Dakine is working towards getting the OMRI seal for. We applied the fertilizer as a top dressing according to the labels directions , this particular crop was potted in early July and the whole crop was the Baox variety. After a couple of weeks we started to notice a difference in the 5-6 pots that received the fertilizer, aside from the deep green color of the pots and overall robust appearance these pots really stood out from the rest of the crop. Now that the plants are in the flowering stage it’s easy to see the difference in flower size and the distance between the nodes, all of the other pots in this crop looked great as well but the difference was easy to see in the ones with the Dakine 420 product, we will have flower from these pots tested against the rest of the crop after the drying and curing process to see how the cannabinoid profile stacks up. Overall… when this fertilizer receives its OMRI seal and our certified signs off on it , it’s what we will use for any crops to follow. Great job Dakine 420

John Wrenn
J&B Herb & Plant farm
Roxboro, North Carolina
Category:Hemp Grower
Product(s) Used:Hemp pro

I can’t believe all the crystals using your product

George at Intune

Just want to send you a couple pictures. I can’t believe in the first picture all the crystals using your product . Thanks man

Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nutrients

Read a few good things about you guys

Hello, I’m a fairly new grower in Oklahoma doing autoflower plants. I have read a few good things about you guys and was wondering if you have a good suggestion of your nutrients for autoflowers? Thanks in advance.

Category:Marijuana Grower

I have heard so many good things about your products!

Hello, Dakine crew! I have heard so many good things about your products! Wondering if u have samples to try before i purchase a large quantity. I just wanna do my own test and trial before investing in a large order ! Thanks in advance !

Category:Marijuana Grower


Me and a buddy was chatting about nutrition for the girls and he told me that after using Dakine 420 nutrients, he would never switch up. That’s hard to believe, considering we’ve been using the same stuff for years! So, if he is that convinced about it, i want to try it as well.

Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nutrients

love the ease of mixing

love the ease of mixing my own why pay for water in a bottle and results notthing less then outstanding great tricomb production and bud size are great

mr P
somewhere on wny
Category:Personal Medical Grower
Product(s) Used:all

All I can say is wow. Fucking. WOW.

I’ve watched folks grow for about 10 years now. I’ve seen the product of several different lines of nutrients but nothing ever stood out like my buddy Kevin’s plants. He turned me onto Dakine and this year I finally got a chance to grow my own. My clones went outside ranging from 8-14 inches tall on June 9th. I sit here on July 17 AMAZED with the progress of these ladies. My plants are the subject of ooohs and ahhs from everyone of my grower friends none of their outdoor is anywhere near as lush as mine. I start my bloom cycle next week and I’m incredibly excited to show off the results of that as the buds grow. Theres a certain level of satisfaction I gain from watching the faces of veteran growers when they walk into my plot. I’ll never use another nutrient line. Thanks Dakine for making me a life long supporter!

Northern Michigan
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Base Grow Bloom Shock and Awe

Amazing Nutrients

I am truly impressed with Dakine 420 nutrient line. I have been using it for a year now . Each different cannabis crop has been extremely healthy and has had copious amounts of resin. The buds are always explosive in size and are a pleasant site when entering the grow room. The aroma from them is bliss.

I have been getting such good results I tried an experiment this spring. I grew tomatoes , Peppers , Eggplants, Basil, Parsley and many different flowering plants in my greenhouse. Some flowers went into baskets. I have fed all the plants with Dakine 420 Nutrients consistently. The Growth is off the charts. Inter-nodal lengths are very small and most plants have started producing large clusters of fruit. The flowers are vibrant in color.
Because of the results next year I will grow everything in a 20’ x 40’ greenhouse and feed all plants with DK 420 . I can only imagine the results.
The Dakine 420 nutrient line has changed the game for all of us.
Many Thanks to all the Mad Scientists in the DK 420 house.
Here are a few Greenhouse pictures:


Product(s) Used:Nitro-Nutrients

Grown with Dakine 420

Category:Marijuana Grower

The results are Amazing and with ease

I have been cultivating for over 40 years and have tried hundreds of different products including nutrients, lighting and grow mediums. What I use now is Dakine 420 and here is why. While doing my pheno hunting I grow several different strains in the same room at the same time and I noticed that Dakine’s nutrients are so well balanced that all of the plants looked consistent in color and quality. Normally different strains will want different things added to help keep them plentiful and I don’t have to do that with these nutrients. Also I have never seen any other product increase my yields the way Dakine does plus the quality is unsurpassed. And talk about clean!! While using most other nutrients I was constantly having to deal with sludge issues and always flushing and cleaning out my systems. I still clean the system in between runs but with ease as there is no sludge anymore. Now lets talk about ease, with Dakine 420 I use 2 powders for veg and 2 powders for flowering and with most other nutrients there are at least 7 different products you need to purchase which will cost you a lot more. So for ease, cost and great product I would recommend giving Dakine 420 a try and I promise you will be as amazed as I am!

SoCal Farms
So Calif
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Base, Grow, Bloom and Coco

Love the products ease of mixing

Thanks a lot and I love the products ease of mixing and not a dozen things to figure out. I will be ordering more products. Was just thinking abut it. I got weeds, growing beautiful weeds. God bless and have a great day.

Susan B.
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

their products are destroying other powder nutrient companies!

the crew over at @dakine__420 sent me a bottle of their Bio Minerals to check out for some work. Instead of doing the normal clone routine, I did these cuts with clonex, a dip into the Bio minerals, and after 7 days we have some ladies ready to walk go give @dakine__420 a shout, their products are destroying other powder nutrient companies! 👊🏻👊🏻✌🏻✌🏻🔥🔥🔥

Knockout Farms
Knockout Farm
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Bio Minerals

Dakine 420 Nitro Nutrients are above and beyond the norm!

Dakine 420 Nitro Nutrients are above and beyondthe norm! They are by far the cleanest, most stablenutrient line I have used during my 27 years ofgrowing experience. It holds the pH for weeks inmy reservoir with no residue build-up in the mixingprocess nor the holding tanks.Also, I watched with my own eyes how the Dakine420 Atomic Root Powder helped grow mass roots ina short amount of time. They were healthy andvibrant white roots which equaled massivelyhealthy plants, which in turn equaled a massiveyield. And the Dakine 420 Bloom was responsiblefor frosty buds with an increase in trichromeproduction. No joke, I threw out House & Garden’sRoots Excel.Thank you all at Dakine 420 for encouraging me totry out your product as well as the open line ofcommunication while putting it to use. I’ll be arepeat customer!

Paul Smith
Genetics Specialist & YCG Breeder
Product(s) Used:Atomic Root Powder, Nitro Nutrients Bloom

Your company is killing it

I appreciate what you are doing and I see your company is killing it. I see references to Dakine 420 everywhere…Thanks again

Cody R.

Your reputation precedes you

I see your nutrients recommended in my Autoflower group on Facebook regularly all the time. My state (Missouri) has just legalized medical cannabis, so like many here I can afford to be a bit more open about my grow.

At present I’m a very small (1 or 2 plants) grower. The legal limit in the law we just passed will be six plants, so I don’t think I’ll ever be more than a small grower.

Hopefully the market for your products here will grow as my state comes on line and Illinois becomes the first recreational state in the region. Your reputation precedes you into this market via Facebook.


Ed F.
St. Louis, Mo.
Category:Medical Grower

Dakine nutes blew all other companies out of the water

To start with I believe in what I see one day I was surfing the net and saw Dakine nutrients I contacted them and spoke with Joey he said he’d send me enough nutes to do a side by side comparison I have to tell ya I’ve tried all the big name nutrients I’ve used Advanced , Fox Farm, Aptus , General Hydroponics and Canna but when I did my side by side comparison Dakine nutes blew all those companies out of the water and all you need is 3 different powders so easy to mix so clean and ph adjusted my trichomes are at least 30-40 percent better and my plants exploded my hat goes off to all the people at Dakine there customer service is bar none I’ll keep using Dakine nutrients for all my grows in the future oh and by the way get used to huge plants that look like their coated in frost 😜


Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

Impressive nutrients

Spent a good solid month trying to figure out a nutrient deficiency in my plants with little to no positive results. Met a guy named Nate at a local supply store that works for Dakine 420. He was polite and extremely knowledgeable about plants and the nutrients they carried. I said, “It sure would be nice if you guys could come to make a diagnosis in person.” They came out straight away with a sample pack of nutrients and a genuine desire to help, which was a surprise because a lot of companies make promises to come out and then don’t. We used a healthy dose of the Grow and Base. Within 48 hours I noticed our plants trying to recover, then another feeding 2 days later, more recovery and new healthy growth. That wasn’t the only awesome thing that happened. We have to feed about 250 to 300 gallons of water a day and we were having to use loads of PH adjusters, but the 420 nutrients actually adjusted the Ph on their own. It is pretty impressive. Last but not least the guys from the company were wonderful people as well! Thank you, Joey and Nate! Dakine should be proud to have you on the team for sure! It is because of their support and kindness and of course the impressive nutrients that they will have our business next year all the way through. I can’t wait to see how their bloom is going to do for our ladies!

Moonstar Growery
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

Never witnessed this kind of growth

This is the absolute best nutrient line i have ever used! I have used quite a few lines over the years, but have never witnessed the kind of growth as I do with this product. The very next day after switching to your product I visibly saw the plants growing by the hour, it was MAD! This stuff not only grows your plants big and fast, but its so easy to use that i have more time with the family instead of the lab. Keep up the great work guys, my patients appreciate it!

Mo Sirod
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

Full nutrient coverage without the hassle of a shelf full of bottles

Awesome products and would highly recommend. Nice easy to use full nutrient coverage without the hassle of a shelf full of bottles. Here’s a pic of some 7 day progression using Dakine products.

Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

Very easy to use/mix

First grow in 20 years it is very easy to use/mix and I’m not using 10 different bottles! Also Like to thank Jake Jones for all his help and Knowledge this is am Amazing products will continue to use it and recommend it

Tyke Gilmore
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

Undoubtedly the best! Period!

Undoubtedly the best! Period! I burnt is poor Chemdawg plant and gave it dakine 420 and even tho she’s only two branches she’s taken off! Day 23 of flower.

Jose Aver
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

My first run with DaKine420 changed my mind

“Nectar is crap… Its a watered down pitch in a bunch of bottles. DaKine420 has a simple but effective formula that fits the needs and budget. I ran Heavy16 for years. My first run with DaKine420 changed my mind about where i get my nutes and why i wasted my money. You can spend $600 dollars on the whole nectar line or a quarter of that and get better results…you do the math. This stuff is tailored to meet cannabis growers needs not all purpose although my other household plants are very happy my others are happiest!”

Rich Gregor
Medical Grower
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

My week four buds look like week six buds!

I used Dakine 420 Shock & Awe. I saw a 30% increase, and my week four buds look like week six buds!

Natures Wonder
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients, Shock & Awe Bloom Boost

Customer service at its best!

Just received my samples. Super excited to try out. Customer service at its best! Definitely looking forward to doing more business with the company. Thanks!!! Will be back shortly down the road with more details!!

Shayne Horsting
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

Simply amazing!

Let me start this by saying thank you!!!! I was very interested in trying a new line of nutrients. Been hearing about Dakine 420 and seeing some pretty amazing pictures of pretty impressive grows using this product. My goal was to bring a plant I had back to life. She was not doing well at all. I reached out to Jake, and within a couple of minutes we were on the phone. I had many questions and he had all of the answers. Jake gave good advice/recommendations and explained the products thorough. I decided to give it a try and let me tell you that this is by far the BEST line I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried plenty. I got my shipment 4 days after I ordered it and started using it immediately. Mixed up a gallon and check the PH and it was 6.52! ( extra bonus ) After 2 feeding I started to notice this plant regain its vitality. It was starting to look alive. After 1 week I had to transplant into a 7 gallon pot due to plant/root growth. It amazes me how much this plant grew in such a short period of time. Not only the growth, but the overall health of the plant 30% to close to 100% within a couple of weeks. She is now in a 3 by 3 grow room growing like crazy and is taking every inch of space. There is absolutely no more room in there which is a good problem to have! I don’t co-sign many things, but I definitely put my stamp of approval on this one! I have recommended this to everyone that I know that grows because it’s simply amazing! Thank you all for an amazing product and second to none customer service!! Will be ordering again soon!!! ” SHARE A SMILE AND SAVE A LIFE ” Dwight O. (Med Grower)

Dwight O.
Med Grower
Category:Marijuana Grower

25% greater yield than Cyco

I was asked to help with some R&D on Dakine 420 Nitro Nutrients. I had been using Cyco Nutrients for several years with good results. After a side-by-side trial [between Dakine 420 and Cyco Nutrients], the results were amazing. With Dakine 420 products, I saw almost 25% greater yield and gorgeous plants. I am a believer and am attaching photos to show off. Awesome product!

Portland, Oregon
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

yield & quality is unmatched amongst other nutrients

It is refreshing to have a complete line of required nutrients and beneficials put into four simple powders. Mixing my reservoirs has never been so easy and fun. The cost effectiveness of the full line coupled up with the yield & quality I am getting is unmatched amongst other nutrients.

Dave - Owner/Sales
Seattle's Hydro Spot
Category:Retailer / Hydroponic Store
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

No more sludge or plugged lines

No more sludge or plugged lines. This stuff is clean! My reservoir has not been cleaned in three months and looks new. Oh yeah, the plants are kicking ass!

Redmond, Oregon
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

Healthy, beautiful plants

I mixed up a batch and it came out PH-perfect at 6.2. No up, no down. Healthy, beautiful plants. Thanks for hooking me up!

Seattle, Washington
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

Superior formulations

As an M.S. in agronomy, horticulture, and environmental restoration and a consultant for the soil amendment industry, I’ve analyzed Dakine 420’s products. These are superior formulations to prevent ‘limiting factors’ to optimal growth.

Kelly Walker
M.S., New Mexico State University
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:ORGANIC COCO COIR Soil

Very satisfactory results

The Nitro Nutrients line produced very satisfactory results, and every component performed as well, if not better than expected. The sales team at Dakine is top notch and we look forward to working with them!

Thom Kondoff
The Cultivation Station
Category:Retailer / Hydroponic Store
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

Higher yields and consistency

Love your product and customer service is impeccable! Your coco is clean, light, and works great in my drain to waste setup. Would highly recommend it to my friends and family for higher yields and consistency.

Category:Retailer / Hydroponic Store
Product(s) Used:COCO COIR LITE Soil

It produces twice what we use to produce.

Dakine has changed everything for us. Our patients love the new product we are producing. We love how we don’t have to drag gallons of heavy nutrients to feed our babies. its so convenient and it produces twice of what we use to produce. We are going to be entering our product for some awards for 2016 and we will be sure to credit Dakine! Thanks again guys for the amazing product.

Sticky Leafs Collective
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

I will transition every blooming garden I have to Dakine420

I am the Chief Gardener for H.A.S.H. Schools in Colorado. Unlike most gardeners I do not have one small hydro garden, I have many. I recently attended CannaCon in Denver. I met a few members of the dakine420 team. I have been looking for a better nutrient line then general hydroponics (although general hydroponics it pretty good if you use there whole line up of products more like a 8 part then a 3 part formula). Anyhow I have been burned by switching to other brands of nutrients (I won’t name them here). and it has cost me 50% of my yield across the board. My point is I was quite leery of Dakine420, so I tested it in one of my side by side blooming gardens. We are currently still 3 weeks from the fresh water flush but the Dakine420 garden sitting right next to a GH fed garden appears to be about 30% bigger in mass. The gardens are in 66″ square grow tents. Both in the same room side by side. They have maintained the same temp CO2 levels humidity light cycles air movement and so on. Of course we all know the proof is in the yield of the finished product and I am still 3 weeks from harvest and 5 or 6 weeks from dried cured finished product. One last word. If the production does what I think it will. I will transition every blooming garden I have to Dakine420. In fact I can not afford not too. Looking forward to the yield and posting another testimonial maybe even several as I transition all my blooming gardens over to Dakine420. I’ve not introduced it into my propagation and veg cycles yet. I do plan on it soon. Anyhow so far quite impressed. Next round i’ll try and get weekly pictures. The Chief

The Chief Gardener
High Altitude School of Hydroponics
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

The nutes did fantastic

The nutes did fantastic sir, crop was stolen… Needless to say, Im going indoors. We will bounce back dude, but yea, your stuff seemed to be killing it.. That could be your slogan. “Nutes so good, they incite theft ” Lol

Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

I have changed over all 10 gardens to Dakine 420

I know you all where excited to learn how my yield went. Believe me there I was excited as well. you don’t know how sorry I am to tell you all. That this garden had a catastrophic crop failure. Caused by a day/night temp controller going out. Temps got to 145 F. With that said. Until the controller failed I was very very impressed. So I have changed over all 10 gardens to Dakine 420. every one of them without fail. Has shown outstanding growth, quick recovery from plant training (such as defoliation), and an all around healthier plant. It will be 5 weeks or so before I can give you any numbers on actual yield increase.

The Chief
High Altitude School of Hydroponics
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

reaching plant strain potential at an affordable price

Hi since I’ve started growing indoor medical strains for my wife, we’ve spent some money on nutrient packs mostly, and seeds now using a scrog setup and using Dakine420, I’m getting great quality and reaching plant strain potential at an affordable price (thanks)

Michael Miller
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

Resulted in a higher THC level

“Thank you for helping us get back on track to reach our production goals. Secondly, we have had great success with your new nutrient line Dakine 420. I am attaching a file that includes some recent testing of flower that has resulted in a higher THC level than we had previously been getting on our product. We have seen about a 20 percent increase in the THC levels, including healthier and more vibrant plants that are growing faster than when we used our old nutrient line. I am anxious to also try your new soil line to further improve our products. We will do a test row at each facility as per your guidelines to see if we can increase our quality and quantity. We will keep you informed of the progress, best regards.” — James Cozzetto, J Zetto Qualtity Farms, LLC.

James Cozzetto
J Zetto Quality, LLC
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

These products are the best I have ever used.

With thirty five years of experience in cultivation these products are the best I have ever used. Three feet of bushy growth in one month without CO2 and even failing to pick up more for over a week. I studied the composition which is the secret. There are cheaper products which work ok but not like these. I offer my complete recommendation and feel great having purchased and applied more today. Not only are the products the best but also the concise feeding schedule and advice from Mark at Dakine 420 is awesome! Thank you

Mexico David
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

Dakine420 is by far our customers favorite.

Dear Dakine420 Team; We want to give a shout out from a stores perspective. We were contacted by Mark about a year ago. It takes a very good sales person to convince a store to bring in another nutrient. Were glad he was so persistent! We have 14 nutrient lines. Dakine420 is by far our customers favorite. Its easy to use and results don’t lie. The coco is just an added bonus. We’ve turned many soil users into coco lovers. We carry the organic and lite. Mark takes not just great care of us, he takes care of my customers. No other nutrient line is on the phone direct with a customer troubleshooting. If you own or work at a hydro store and ready for a new line, Dakine420 is for you. The product has it all. It works and plus the packaging is pretty dang cool! Thanks Kelly, Mark and Jill !

Bobbi Jo Floyd
Anything Grows Hydro
Category:Retailer / Hydroponic Store
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients, CoCo Coir Grow Medium

Easy to mix and the plants love it!

Great product!!! Easy to mix and the plants love it! Customer service is bar none, thank you Mark! Been running the Nitro Nutrients for 6 months and couldnt be more impressed with the finished product. My customers are eating this product up. Big props to the Dakine 420 staff and makers of this fine product. Check out “knockoutfarms” on IG for up to date pics of the product in use.

Dana Pino
A+ Hydroponics and Organics
Category:Retailer / Hydroponic Store
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

By far the most balanced nutrient base I have ever seen!

I have working in horticulture for over 10 years, and this is by far the most balanced nutrient base I have ever seen! I will put this balanced formula against any of the so-called “main suppliers” like AP, GH, H&G, and all the others-while putting out a far superior product. Although I do use my own formulation and add additives to structure the plants the way I prefer for maximum terpene and trichome production, this is the best base to use by far to not only simplify but to attain the overall goals you wish to achieve! I have been using dakine nets approx 2 years now and I dont see a need to switch! IG @knockoutfarms for proof

Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

Happy with the results

Just wanted to give you a preliminary update on the root enhancer that you sent us. We’ve used it and are happy with the results. As per the directions we used a single tsp for newly transplanted clones into a 1G pot. We spread the compound on top of the soil and mixed it in slightly, then watered. We used only one application. When we tossed the plants today (very healthy, but too many) the roots looked great! Better than we’ve seen without the root enhancer. They were more plentiful, whiter, and bigger. A big thumbs us from us. Question for your team: Would a second dose be recommended? If so, how long after the first dose? We didn’t run any negative controls with this test, but we know what the roots usually look like at this stage and they were significantly improved with the root enhancer.

Thank you. —–Scott

Scott Frayo
The Honest Cannabis
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

The difference is pretty obvious.

The difference is pretty obvious.

Category:Retailer / Hydroponic Store
Product(s) Used:ORGANIC COCO COIR Soil

VERY IMPRESSED – The Mad Scientist got it right!

Just started using Nitro atomic root three weeks ago. The Mad Scientist got it right with this one it blew up my plants like I’ve never seen before. I’ve tried all kinds of nuts. in my 22 years of growing and this shit really works. VERY IMPRESSED –  SKI

Product(s) Used:ORGANIC COCO COIR Soil

100% Water Soluble

Having received a sample of the full line of Nitro Nutrients at one of the THC Fairs in Oregon, I was in need of a new nutrient line, and was grateful for the product lines magical appearance at that moment. After trying the product line, it seemed to get me faster growth, and a bigger bush. Everything seemed to grow faster, and more vigorously. One of the benefits I like more than everything else is the small container size, no liquid; all just pellets to be dissolved in water; dry nutrients. Unfortunately, I can not give a review on the flowering capabilities … yet … as Im in the clone business, and my flowering does not happen until the Fall for my outdoor crop. After the outdoor crop, I will attempt to give another review on bud form and cola. Sincerely, Chris Graham GEMM Farms

Chris Graham
GEMM Farms
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

All in with Dakine 420

I have been using a major brand nutrient & medium line for several year now while watching their cost skyrocket. The industry was changing dramatically in relation to significantly lower flower price per unit. Something needed to change quick because I was frustrated with paying the high cost at the local supply store . Then I received a call from Jake Jones at Dakine 420. I normally avoid sales calls because my 70+ hour work week keeps me occupied. However, on this particular day i listened to what Jake had to say about the low cost and science behind their brand. I told Dakine 420 that I would consider trying their product line if they came out and toured my operation so we could design a plan based on my growing methods. Plus, i needed continued support going forward to trouble shoot or just ask question’s. They agreed and we set a time to tour my facility. Jake & Nate with Dakine 420 came out to visit my operation to discuss their nutrient & medium line. I was impressed with the science and simplicity of the product line and of course the 60% savings across the board. My current nutrient feeding schedule was 6 to 7 steps and Dakine was 2 {or 3} steps per feeding. Not only was it simple and easy but it was much cleaner, virtually no messy kelp or bio mineral additives to clean up in my reservoir’s. I have 2 separate growing operation’s located at the same address, approximately 3,600 square feet of just growing space {7,500 square feet total space}. My plan was to continue my current brand on one side and try Dakine nutrients & soil on the other side. This way I could compare both nutrient lines side by side through a whole cycle. Then I could make my decision based on a controlled equal growing environment for both. That was the plan anyway. After a couple months of growing, only in veg, i could already see the difference. The leafs were forest green and growing faster then the other side. The first 8 to 9 weeks in veg was simple, JUST ADD WATER. This was completely different then my other system which started nutrient feeding right out of the cloner. Their 3 different soil medium had all the necessary ingredients for the early growing process, plus you could choose a soil medium that best fits your style of growing. So I went all in and decide to switch over to Dakine much sooner then my initial plan. So far the plants look much healthier and bigger in veg, even same strains growing on the old nutrient side. seriously, no comparison. They look much better. So here are the benefits i have experience while transitioning over to Dakine product line; 1} Continued access to Dakine staff for question’s or advice while I switch over. Excellent customer service! 2} Suggestion’s from staff with particular innovative growing method’s {drain to waste vs. eb & flow or drip lines, lighting etc…} 3} simple 2 or 3 step nutrient feeding schedule & 3 separate soil mediums that work with their nutrient line. 4} No nutrient needed until final 4 weeks of veg, JUST ADD WATER!!!! 5} Huge money savings on all product’s 6} large powder filled containers of nutrients that won’t spoil prematurely For me I’m committed and all in with Dakine 420. Stay tuned as I will give another update in a couple months as the first group of Dakine fed plants will be near completion. Sincerely, Scott Harman Lakeshore Harvest

Scott Harman
Lakeshore Harvest
Category:Marijuana Grower
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

Nitro Nutrients are absolutely amazing!!

For Starters I just want to say these Nitro Nutrients are absolutely amazing!! Ive been using them for a few months now on my house plants, a tomato plant thats 4ft tall and only in a 1gal pot!! And of course, cannabis! And it does a phenomenal job with all of them!! When I got the nutrients I started two Autoflowers and one Photoperiod! My plan was to grow the autos and keep the photo in veg till the autos were done! I ended up having a heat problem with the autos approx 2weeks from harvest which led to me cutting them early! The photoperiod White Widow didnt get hurt thankfully, I vegged her in a 1Liter pot for the whole time the autos were growing and didnt run into any issues that I believe I would have had if I was using anything but Dakine. So transplanted into a 5gal for a week before I flipped to 12/12 for flower! Im now 26days into Flower and WOW the bud development and trichs are incredible!! Even though Im only using a single Mars Hydro Reflector 48 (little over 100watt) the buds are already coated! She stands at a little over 3ft with pot and the canopy covers a 2.5f X 2.5ft completely!! The only products Im using are the Nitro Grow, Base, and Bloom. And the way its looking, I wont ever use anything else from now on! I cant wait to see what The next 34-45 days bring! Ill be sure to do a update then!! Thank you Nate and everyone else at Dakine420!!

Jody MacDonald
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

Amazed how simple it was to use

Wow that was a fun grow. I used for the first time dakine 420 nutrients . I was so amazed how simple it was to use this great addition to my grow. I will recommend and continue using Dakine 420 now and into the future. My buds have never looked and smelled this good. Thanks guys Breeder Bob….

Breeder Bob
Product(s) Used:Nitro Nutrients

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