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For Starters I just want to say these Nitro Nutrients are absolutely amazing!! Ive been using them for a few months now on my house plants, a tomato plant thats 4ft tall and only in a 1gal pot!! And of course, cannabis! And it does a phenomenal job with all of them!! When I got the nutrients I started two Autoflowers and one Photoperiod! My plan was to grow the autos and keep the photo in veg till the autos were done! I ended up having a heat problem with the autos approx 2weeks from harvest which led to me cutting them early! The photoperiod White Widow didnt get hurt thankfully, I vegged her in a 1Liter pot for the whole time the autos were growing and didnt run into any issues that I believe I would have had if I was using anything but Dakine. So transplanted into a 5gal for a week before I flipped to 12/12 for flower! Im now 26days into Flower and WOW the bud development and trichs are incredible!! Even though Im only using a single Mars Hydro Reflector 48 (little over 100watt) the buds are already coated! She stands at a little over 3ft with pot and the canopy covers a 2.5f X 2.5ft completely!! The only products Im using are the Nitro Grow, Base, and Bloom. And the way its looking, I wont ever use anything else from now on! I cant wait to see what The next 34-45 days bring! Ill be sure to do a update then!! Thank you Nate and everyone else at Dakine420!!