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Rewards Program

Dakine 420 Rewards Program

Download the newest app from Dakine 420 to join our Rewards Program! This program is meant for our number one fans to be rewarded for their loyalty to the Mad Scientist!

Our rewards program is for our loyal customers who continue to promote our products on social media and around the web! Get points to redeem for cool swag from Dakine 420!

How to earn points:

  • 5 Mention us on social media (limited to 10 times in 90-days = 50 points max)
  • 25 Sign-up for rewards (and get stickers mailed your way)
  • 25 Refer someone to download our app
  • 25 Happy Birthday gift
  • 25 Sign up as a Referral Partner to earn cash rewards
  • 75 Snap and send us a photo of a Dakine 420 sticker on your vehicle
  • 75 Snap and send us a photo of you in your Dakine 420 swag at a party or event
  • 100 Forward your video or written testimonial to us
  • 100 Create a product review on Google
  • 100 Submit a photo that shows off your garden and/or flower grown using Dakine 420 nutes and coco with our products displayed in the photo for branding
  • 200 If your photo wins a spot in our 2019 Dakine 420 Calendar