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CenturionPro GC3 - Triple Gentle Cut Bucker

CenturionPro GC3 - Triple Gentle Cut Bucker

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At $13,495 USD, the GC3 Triple Bucker comes with the stand already included for added value. The bucker stand comes standard with industrial casters. (Off-Road Wheel Assembly Kit upgrade available.)

Keeping with CenturionPro’s reputation for innovation, the GC3 Triple Bucker is pushing the boundaries as the first-ever three station bucker on the market!!! Whether you buck wet or dry, the GC3 Triple Bucker can process up to 120 lbs wet or 24 lbs dry per hour of use.  In aligning with our goal of being as gentle as we can on your flower, this system also provides unparalleled processing capacity. The three workstations and multiple holes for various stem sizes pairs well with CenturionPro’s industrial trimming machines such as the Gladiator and 3.0. The GC3 Triple Bucker comes complete with three 0.25 HP gear driven motors to provide unsurpassed power. In addition, this triple workstation features a cleaning system, which removes and collects all debris into a vacuum bag, making clean up a breeze.

The system is easy to set up, clean, requires little maintenance and comes with a 5 year warranty.

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