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Shock & Awe Bloom Boost 6-42-12

Shock & Awe Bloom Boost 6-42-12



Blow up your buds and power your flowers with the cannabis nutrient mix that kicks cannabis plants in the pants! Successful growers know the importance of abundant phosphorus during the budding and flowering stages. Get ready for some Shock and Awe for colossal buds, flowers and thick stems like you’ve never seen before. Our Shock and Awe is packed with phosphorus, as 6-42-12, in the perfect ratio with our already killer Bloom Boost formula.
Get ready to kiss the sky and never look back–Shock and Awe changes the growing game forever.
Shock & Awe Bloom Boost is 100% water soluble. Crystal clear, won’t clog your lines, plug your tips, or leave residue in your reservoir.
  • Perfect Phosphorus blend for colossal bud development.
  • Shock & Awe Bloom Boost is perfectly PH balanced. Your plants will thrive.
  • Shock & Awe mixes super clean. Spend less time cleaning your reservoir & lines.
  • Increase yield with fuller, more rapid bud growth.


Mix 2 grams per gallon week 3 thru 8 in Bloom.
Note: 1 teaspoon = 5 grams
General Directions:
Store the product in a cool, dark, dry place.Tightly seal container to prevent product hardening. Agitate well to dissolve completely.
Heavy Metals Internet Statement:
Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the internet at
WARNING: May be harmful if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children.


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Reynaldo N. avatar
Reynaldo N.
Very simple and easy to use. I’ve been using the product for a year and I can’t complain.
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Will B. avatar
Will B.
Wont grow without it
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Kevin C. avatar
Kevin C.
Just began using the Shock & Awe this go. Started week 3 and see how long I can go until the leaves get too damn frosty.
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Linda F. avatar
Linda F.
I found that my plants really expanded quickly after using base, bloom and shock and awe. Got another month to go and it gets more luscious every day👍
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Seth P. avatar
Seth P.
The ladies love it easy to use works great!
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Davr K. avatar
Davr K.
As usual dakine420 is just a regular routine in my hobbiest garden. Shock and awe is a definite and something I tell my ppl around me I want to succeed bout as well. Great product
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Michael G. avatar
Michael G.
This is my first grow using Dakine420 Shock and Awe and my plant is loving it. I'm about seven weeks in flower and the buds are super dense. This is now my go to for flower nutrients.
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Will B. avatar
Will B.
A picture is worth a thousand words! These are getting finished soon. They love dakine 420!
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Dave G. avatar
Dave G.
Well this is the only bud enhancer I currently and plan on using. So simple and the difference is amazing. My first try ,a buddy randomly picked dakine420 trio and shock and awe cuz looked like a good brand he said. Was weary then I showed up and all his plants were hitting the floor. In the best way hitting the floor and I was like “okay he’s not a rocket scientist sooo “and shock and awe made the biggest difference and simpler than my other usual nutes.
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Maria D. avatar
Maria D.
I was very impressed! First time using powdered nutrients and DaKine 420 didn’t disappoint! I’m amazed by the results and the rate of growth! Will definitely be getting some more in the future for following runs! Affordable and super efficient
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Richard P. avatar
Richard P.
I luv it and most importantly my plants luv it. They re growing like crazy. No deficiencies or lookout. I am pushing about 1200-1400ppm in my 10th week from seed. This is and auto. I wish I had converted to Dakine420 sooner. The product line is amazing. I have it all and will be putting it to use for a long time to come. Luv it Happy growing
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Steven  T. avatar
Steven T.
I love these products.
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Dale S. avatar
Dale S.
Love this stuff!!!!
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Scott J. avatar
Scott J.
As soon as I added SnA to the lineup I knew why they named it that. Should be called Holy Sh#% it’s so good. Noticeable increase in size and trichome coverage was the proof and I’ve never looked back.
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Russell M. avatar
Russell M.
Gorilla Glue #4 Auto, When it automatically transitioned to flower stage I switched to Dakine 420 Base/Bloom/Shock and Awe/Sticky Icky. Started at 1/4-1/2 strength, then went to 3/4, then the last week to 12 days before flush I hit her full force, she was able to handle it, maybe next grow I wont wait so long to give it full nute's, but I like to go gentle and work my way up so I don't hurt my ladies, Most of you know that already but some people still don't know and they hit it 3/4- full strength right from the start, don't do that with any Nute's.. until you really know what it will do with your plant, all plants are different so go easy, time is on your side.
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Sproutz avatar
Dakine 420 can't rave enough about your product.... Laying the frost on pretty thick with these fine ladies....
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Will avatar
Dakine rules and veg+bloom drools. Okay so until recently we used veg+bloom in our garden but our plants were lacking in size. We were struggling to pull 28 grams per plant on average! We knew something needed to happen if we were going to keep growing. We decided to give the team here at Dakine a shot and guess what? We’re still growing today! We now average well above 28 grams easy. One of our plants from our last harvest yielded almost 100 grams! The amount of flower production is amazing. We now get bud sites from top to bottom and everyone is frosty! Don’t be cheap, make sure to spend the extra money and get that Shock and Awe and you won’t regret it!
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Rickey C. avatar
Rickey C.
I just love the way it blows up your flower! Buds get huge and sparkle with trics! Chilling in Hawaii
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Jennifer L. avatar
Jennifer L.
Friends of mine, knew the right person to call when they were seeking nute guidance. They lucked out and were introduced to DAKINE420 just in time, for their first grow!! Southern Illinois 2016 - HUGE YIELD - REALLY REALLY BIG!! YEP you read that correct...this is the product from a FIRST TIME, EVER GROWER!
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marianas_grown (Instagram) avatar
marianas_grown (Instagram)
Bag seed White Widow smelling like straight PEZ CANDY 🤤🤤🤤 definitely the shortest and fattest bitch in the bunch grown with @dakine__420 nutrients.
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Sour Apple Smokeshop (Instagram) avatar
Sour Apple Smokeshop (Instagram)
Can't get enough! The Ladies love it!
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Bobby Griffin avatar
Bobby Griffin
After using multiple nute lines with little to no luck and having many diffencies, a Facebook friend told me this “When your done playing around and wanna get serious, get with Nate Hayes and buy some Dakine” His words rang in my head for weeks so I finally contacted Nate. Nate was awesome, he made me feel comfortable about the purchase and treated me like an old friend! That was about a year ago and I have not looked back since. I smile everytime someone asks how I keep my plants so happy and I get to brag about Nate and Dakine 420!! #INDAKINEWETRUST!!!
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Nick / Orange State avatar
Nick / Orange State
Yields and quality, not much more to say about the products. We use the base, grow, bloom, and shock and awe. The company has delivered to us within 48 hours, even when we did a pallet of the coco. Super easy to mix and really clean. Been using them for 2 or more years. Beat out Dutch masters and rx green in side by side, just stopped comparing after that!
Edward H. avatar
Edward H.
I like this product because all you do is measure it out according to Dakines ins and feed your plants and let the product do its job,im well pleased
Ricky G. avatar
Ricky G.
Plants still in veg,havent used shock n awe yet. UFC

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