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Nitro Nutrients Grow 15-0-15

Nitro Nutrients Grow 15-0-15



If you’ve ever wanted “grow, dammit” in a jar, you’re in luck! Nitro Nutrients GROW does what the name suggests, give you the biggest, greenest, most potent cannabis plants on the planet.
Our top-rated cannabis nutrients formula for raging marijuana growth combines pure calcium, free of chloride, sodium, and heavy metals, with nitrate nitrogen–the most efficient nitrogen source for superior plant growth. Nitro Nutrients GROW makes your plants explode and thrive throughout the growing season.
With Nitro Nutrients GROW, your cannabis will reach a new high!
When used with BASE this powerful formulation provides essential nitrate-nitrogen plus plant-ready calcium when used in hydroponic, coco, drip to drain, soil, and soil-less applications.
GROW works hand-in-glove with our other Dakine 420 products. For example, if you’re using Coco Coir, you can increase the amount of GROW to up your calcium levels. If you need to cut down on calcium–due to hard water or use of substrates already containing calcium–just reduce the amount of base. You can fine-tune your calcium and nitrate nitrogen levels to meet the precise needs of your plants.
Superior Plant Growth
Grow is packed with Nitrate nitrogen, the most efficient nitrogen source for superior plant growth.

Raging Marijuana Growth
Our top-rated cannabis nutrients formula for raging marijuana growth combines pure calcium, free of chloride, sodium, and heavy metals

pH Balanced
Nitro Nutrients Base is perfectly PH balanced. Your plants will thrive.

Increases Yield
Nitro Nutrients Grow is proven to significantly increase THC levels, improve terpene profiles and boost yield.

Terpene Profile
Base is proven to improve terpene profile across the board.

Calcium and Nitrate Nitrogen
With Grow, you can fine-tune your calcium and nitrate nitrogen levels to meet the precise needs of your plants.

100% Water Soluble
Nitro Nutrients Grow is 100% water-soluble. Crystal clear, won’t clog your lines, plug your tips, or leave residue in your reservoir.


Begin with the suggested use from the feed chart on the label. Gradually increase to higher amounts until you get a slight tip burn when you reach the plant’s threshold. If you happen to burn anything (which is highly unlikely), flush and back down on the ppm's, and your plant should be just fine. Our nutes are very forgiving, and you should be able to pump up the volume quite a bit with no issues. For example, one of our reps is currently growing in a greenhouse and running at 1900 ppms at the end of the bloom cycle. Keep in mind that all strains have different thresholds.
Note: 1 teaspoon = 5 grams
Additionally, dissolve your nutes in separate containers before adding them to the reservoir to avoid any lockout. Use a 500-scale ppm meter to measure the nutrient concentration. Because our products are pH-balanced, you shouldn't need to use pH up or down, however, if your water is way out of balance add pH up or down after you mix up the nutes to bring it to the desired pH level.

General Directions:

Store the product in a cool, dark, and dry place. Tightly seal container to prevent product hardening. Agitate well to dissolve completely.

Heavy Metals Internet Statement:

Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the internet at
WARNING: May be harmful if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children.

Guaranteed Analysis

Derived From
Potassium Nitrate, Calcium Nitrate, Iron EDTA, Iron EDDHA, Manganese EDTA, Sodium Molybdate. F136


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James avatar
Dakine 420 is hands down the best nutrient line on the market. Extremely easy to use, very forgiving, affordable, and produces an end product that is superior in every single way! Your plants deserve the best, so give them the best, give them Dakine 420!!!
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Kevin C. avatar
Kevin C.
I purchased these just in case. I usually buy the bigger jars but wanted to make sure I had just enough. :) love the products and never have to worry about stability issues, clogging or long term ppm change. I use tap water and never had an issue
Image submitted with review
Dale S. avatar
Dale S.
Almost ready for flowering
Image submitted with review
Edward A. avatar
Edward A.
I absolutely love Dakine 420 products. I have never found anything better. I will never use anything else.
Image submitted with review
Dale S. avatar
Dale S.
My girls like it, too!
Image submitted with review
Dale S. avatar
Dale S.
Can't wait to get them in the ground
Image submitted with review
Maria D. avatar
Maria D.
Works great! Super happy plants and growth is explosive
Image submitted with review
elias c. avatar
elias c.
I’ve got a thick even canopy and healthy praying plants. Mad scientist knows what’s up on the real
Image submitted with review
colvin M. avatar
colvin M.
Fed twice. Plants flourshed
Image submitted with review
David G. avatar
David G.
I’ve used many different nutes thru out the years of growing but believe me when I say this i mean it...I will for now on be using Dakine420! My test results have went up by 10 % on some strains this stuff is unbelievable and very user friendly !
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jim m. avatar
jim m.
I have been using this product for about 7 years now. for bloom and flower. Nothing but happy plants the shock an Aue is increditable. Roots whaT can i say its exsplosive its increditable Thank you DAKINE 420
Image submitted with review
THC Syndicate (Instagram) avatar
THC Syndicate (Instagram)
Thanks to Dakine 420 for making the best nutrients in the game I can't recommend them highly enough!
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Bobby Griffin avatar
Bobby Griffin
After using multiple nute lines with little to no luck and having many diffencies, a Facebook friend told me this “When your done playing around and wanna get serious, get with Nate Hayes and buy some Dakine” His words rang in my head for weeks so I finally contacted Nate. Nate was awesome, he made me feel comfortable about the purchase and treated me like an old friend! That was about a year ago and I have not looked back since. I smile everytime someone asks how I keep my plants so happy and I get to brag about Nate and Dakine 420!! #INDAKINEWETRUST!!!
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Nick / Orange State avatar
Nick / Orange State
Yields and quality, not much more to say about the products. We use the base, grow, bloom, and shock and awe. The company has delivered to us within 48 hours, even when we did a pallet of the coco. Super easy to mix and really clean. Been using them for 2 or more years. Beat out Dutch masters and rx green in side by side, just stopped comparing after that!
Gerry C. avatar
Gerry C.
Haven’t got it yet just ordered I believe my plants are going to grow great can’t wait
Carl H. avatar
Carl H.
Easy to use and definitely worth the money!
Jackson M. avatar
Jackson M.
Easy to use and works great! Would love to see a little more direction/info for us non-hydro growers
Edward H. avatar
Edward H.
So far so good,today is day one of the 12,12 light,hopefully it goes in flower,she is a strawberry cough

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