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Nitro Nutrients Base 3-13-26

Nitro Nutrients Base 3-13-26



Hydroponic Base with Micros

Bring your ganja growth home with Nitro Nutrients BASE–carefully balanced NPK, plus trace minerals to meet all your cannabis plants’ needs. Nitro Nutrients BASE provides the ideal ratios for maximum vegetative growth, leading to fast-flowering results and plants that will just ooze THC. Nitro Nutrients BASE teams up with GROW to provide all the micronutrients needed for accelerated plant growth; when used with BLOOM, BASE promotes healthier, larger buds, flowers & fruits! Whatever the growing environment, Dakine 420 BASE will maximize your yields.
Phosphorus Boost
Perfect Phosphorus blend for colossal bud development.
pH Balanced
Nitro Nutrients Base is perfectly PH balanced. Your plants will thrive.
Increased Yield
Increase yield with fuller, more rapid bud growth.
Terpene Profile
Base is proven to improve terpene profile across the board.


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Dewey B. avatar
Dewey B.
Mendocino Skunk @chongschoice @paradiseseedsofficial Grown with The Mad Scientist @dakine__420
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Kevin C. avatar
Kevin C.
Love the products, really like the stability, product cost and the ease of use.
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Dale S. avatar
Dale S.
They are gettin' to big
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Dale S. avatar
Dale S.
My girls love it, too.
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Starla L. avatar
Starla L.
I love Dakine 420! Wonderful grow every time!
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Maria D. avatar
Maria D.
Works as intended, great results, love it!
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Mitch P. avatar
Mitch P.
This nutrient line up is amazing I use the entire dakine 420 line up and had amazing results
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William L. avatar
William L.
Awesome nutes. Plants love them.
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Justin  J. avatar
Justin J.
Clean High Quality cannabis nutrition! Kyle and the Dakine team are great to work with.
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Christopher M. avatar
Christopher M.
Great roots and structure!!
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Nathan B. avatar
Nathan B.
Started the weeks ago from great genetics i49seed shop seed cost 21 a piece some dank in moister control soil and good old Alabama gravel using dankine 420 grow and base then bloom in 3 weeks let you know then results in a few more weeks
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Dale S. avatar
Dale S.
Love the way it helps the bottom line
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Lisa G. avatar
Lisa G.
Thank you Dakine
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Geoffrey F. avatar
Geoffrey F.
Great product
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elias c. avatar
elias c.
These nutrients are Amazing, no lie. Look at the picture it speaks for itself. I stand by dakine420 nutrients. Best I’ve used
Image submitted with review
Eric avatar
Great products very user friendly
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James avatar
The BEST decision I ever made concerning my grow! I am continuously amazed, over and over. I am now a full-line DaKine 420 user/supporter! Quit wasting your time and go with Dakine 420 products and see for yourself! Customer Service is top of the line! Thanks guys! Keep up the amazing work! JB
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David I. avatar
David I.
I've been using base , grow, and bloom for over 5 years with great results indoor and outdoor.
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Gary F. avatar
Gary F.
I have been Cultivating Marijuana for over 40 years and hands down Dakine 420 Nutrients have been the best thing since sliced bread. It's easy to use and clean. It doesn't clog up my equipment with sludge. And with just a few powders Dakine will make your buds explode. I don't know what you put in your rocket fuel but keep up the great work. Your products outshine the competition hands down.
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Creig W. avatar
Creig W.
This nutrient line is amazing. I've tried a few & will be staying with Dakine for quite sometime. Easy to use & great customer service.
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THC Syndicate (Instagram) avatar
THC Syndicate (Instagram)
Thanks to Dakine 420 for making the best nutrients in the game I can't recommend them highly enough!
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Kyle avatar
Tried Dakine last run and was very pleased with how the entire flower period went. Super stable PH no swings, great finished product
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Nick / Orange State avatar
Nick / Orange State
Yields and quality, not much more to say about the products. We use the base, grow, bloom, and shock and awe. The company has delivered to us within 48 hours, even when we did a pallet of the coco. Super easy to mix and really clean. Been using them for 2 or more years. Beat out Dutch masters and rx green in side by side, just stopped comparing after that!
Carl H. avatar
Carl H.
Best nutrients out there definitely a customer for life
Keith C. avatar
Keith C.
Great product works great

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