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Nitro Nutrients Promo PACK

Makes 700 gallons of plant ready nutrients. Perfect for the large or commercial grower looking to see how amazing our nitro nutrients are.  Contains: 1 Grow (1000gr), 1 Base (2000gr), 1 Bloom (2000gr), 1 Bio Minerals (200gr), 1 Atomic Root Powder (100gr)

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Nitro Nutrients Promo Pack contains



Our top-rated cannabis nutrients formula for raging marijuana growth combines pure calcium, free of chloride, sodium and heavy metals, with nitrate nitrogen–the most efficient nitrogen source for superior plant growth. Nitro Nutrients GROW makes your plants explode and thrive throughout the growing season. 14-0-0-17CA



Nitro Nutrients BASE–carefully balanced NPK, plus trace minerals to meet all your cannabis plants’ needs. Nitro Nutrients BASE provides the ideal ratios for maximum vegetative growth, leading to fast-flowering results and plants that will just ooze THC. Nitro Nutrients BASE teams up with GROW to provide all the micronutrients needed for accelerated plant growth. 3-13-26



BLOOM rounds out the Nitro Nutrients trifecta of cannabis-growing excellence, with top-rated marijuana nutrients. Our super finishing formula supplies NPK in perfect balance (with 3 times more potassium than nitrogen) to assure high yields and trophy buds. You might think of it as the botanical version of the Big Bang! 8-14-28

Atomic Root Powder


Blow your pot roots out of the pot and your results out of the water! Atomic Root Powder is our unique cannabis root-enhancing formula made to grow and maintain massive healthy root system throughout the growing season from start to finish. 5-0-0

Bio Minerals


Bio Minerals combines the highest quality mineral marijuana nutrients with the best blend of bacteria to deliver a soil inoculant your Mary Jane will appreciate. We pack this biological powerhouse with various strains of bacillus bacteria at 1 billion CFU (colony-forming units) per gram—one of the most highly concentrated mineral-based bacteria blends on the market!

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