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Nitro Nutrients

  • Nitro Nutrients Grow

    Plants. They’re pretty needy, but Dakine 420’s Nitro Nutrients GROW keeps them from being co-dependently wilting in the self-help section of…

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  • Nitro Nutrients Base

    With carefully balanced NPK, plus trace minerals to meet all your plants’ needs, Nitro Nutrients BASE provides the ideal ratios for maximum…

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  • Nitro Nutrients Bloom

    Here comes the BLOOM! Our super finishing formula supplies NPK in perfect balance (with 3 times more potassium than nitrogen) to assure high yields…

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  • Shock and Awe Bloom Boost

    Blow up your buds and power your flowers with the nutrient mix that kicks plants in the pants! Successful growers know the importance of abundant phosphorus during the flowering and fruiting stages.

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  • CalMag

    I know that Coco Coir is very popular because of its high cation exchange capacity (CEC)–or ability to store and exchange nutrients. But if you don’t buffer that growing medium with calcium for strong cell walls and magnesium for chlorophyll production, I may turn yellow in protest.

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  • Foliar Science

    Now that you’ve got that 1982 song in your head, let’s talk Foliar Science, our 29-9-9 plant-ready nitrogen delivery supplement. With 26% Urea, the most absorbent form of nitrogen, this product will unlock nutrient lockout, bypassing the soil with a direct foliar application that will knock out nutrient deficiencies.

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  • Dakine 420 pH Down

    If your Ph is getting too high, the best strategy is to bail out and drop down, Point Break style. But don’t let the image of our balls-out skydiving Mad Scientist get you hyperventilating.

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  • Dakine 420 pH Up

    Strap in and light the fuse, our Ph Up formula is rocket fuel to kick your plants in the acid! Derived from powdered potassium carbonate, our 100% soluble, safe booster puts you in the driver’s seat as far toward planet alkaline as you need to go. Derived from powdered potassium carbonate, our 0-0-60 formula is 100% soluble and safe.

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Why Dakine 420 Cannabis Nutrients?

Dakine 420 nutrients are super clean which means no more clogged emitters and reservoir scrubbing.

Our nutrients are cost effective and easy to use.

Dakine 420 nutrients are pH balanced, and low in salts & heavy metals.

Dakine 420 nitro nutrients have an unlimited shelf life.

Our chelated formula induces optimal / maximum nutrient uptake. Chelation prevents the binding of minerals to ensure plant uptake.

Our nutrients are formulated to promote a higher Brix reading (measurement of sugars) which produces a higher quality product.

Dakine 420 nutrients are suitable for all grow mediums and grow styles.

Why powdered nutrients? The advantages are many, starting with a lower shipping cost and longer shelf life than liquid nutrients. With our handy nutrient calculators, you can dial in precise nutrient loads for optimal cannabis yields and THC levels. Superior products, superior results, affordable cannabis nutrients. Find out why hundreds of growers have made the Dakine 420 Mad Scientist their new best friend!