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Grow Smarter With Dakine 420

Our Mad Scientist and his brilliant minions have masterminded the planet's most perfect plant nutrient system. Dakine 420's super-concentrated, super-soluble products are formulated in the perfect ratios for optimum plant performance. Our easy-to-use system keeps the right nutrients available just when your plants need them. Put the hurt on insect, fungus and disease problems while increasing plant health dramatically. Our unique four-step formulas make it easy to grow a crazy-good crop!
  • BASE: NPK, plus our brilliant trace mineral package, all in one formula for the initial grow phase. We assume the following equation to be true: Healthy Plants=Happy People2
  • GROW: Nitrate nitrogen, the most efficient nitrogen source for plant growth, plus the industry’s best calcium that is free of chloride, sodium and heavy metals. Together these two ingredients supply all the nitrogen and calcium needed throughout the entire growing process from start to finish. Eureka!
  • BLOOM: Our super finishing formula supplies NPK in perfect balance (with 3 times more potassium than nitrogen) to assure high yields and trophy buds. You might think of it as the botanical version of the Big Bang!
  • ATOMIC ROOT POWDER: Imagine the biggest, manliest Duck Dynasty-esque beard--yeah, we make your roots look like that! Our unique root-enhancing formula promotes growth of a massive healthy root system throughout the growing season from start to finish. Our mega-braniac researchers have put in more time than a text-happy teen to develop the perfect, precisely-balanced formula for optimal plant growth, root to shoot!
Why is soluble powder concentrate superior to liquids? Do you really want to pay for water? Most concentrated liquid blends are 60% water and most single-ingredient liquids can be over 90% water. Why would you want to use a watered down product and pay shipping on a watered down product? (It's a fact that all liquid blends come from powders anyway!) Consider these advantages of soluble powders over liquids:
  • Powders have a longer shelf life than liquids.
  • Powders are more cost effective.
  • Powders can be 10 times more powerful than liquids.
  • Powders are easier on the environment, requiring less fossil fuel than shipping heavy liquids.
  • You won't have to lift heavy bottles or pour multiple gallons into your system.
  • Water-soluble powders are a lot cleaner. No sediment in your reservoir. No clogged feed lines like liquids.
  • Shipping liquids in extreme hot and cold can damage fertilizers.
  • You save valuable shelf space in the grow room and the retail arena.
Our soluble concentrate powder is an in-house blend of the exact nutrient ratios your plant needs at various stages. Our formulas contain only the best highly-soluble, globally-sourced, low salt ingredients and no fillers or stabilizers. Our proprietary clean and green technologies give you the highest quality, dialed-in plant growth products.

Nitro Nutrients

  • Nitro Nutrients Grow

    $29 - $529

    Plants. They’re pretty needy, but Dakine 420’s Nitro Nutrients GROW keeps them from being co-dependently wilting in the self-help section of…

  • Nitro Nutrients Base

    $29 - $529

    With carefully balanced NPK, plus trace minerals to meet all your plants’ needs, Nitro Nutrients BASE provides the ideal ratios for maximum…

  • Nitro Nutrients Bloom

    $29 - $529

    Here comes the BLOOM! Our super finishing formula supplies NPK in perfect balance (with 3 times more potassium than nitrogen) to assure high yields…

  • Nitro Nutrients Atomic Root Powder

    $39 - $659

    We’d like to say that our Nitro Nutrients Atomic Root Powder “literally” makes your roots explode. But actually, it “figuratively” makes them explode.

  • Bio Minerals

    $29 - $399

    It’s a well-known fact, by those in the know, that beneficial bacteria are essential for optimal mineral uptake by plants. So our Mad Scientist has created the microscopic dream…

  • Nitro Nutrients Sample Box


    Makes 100 gallons of plant ready nutrients. Perfect for the small hobbyist or someone looking to see how amazing our nitro nutrients are.

  • Shock and Awe Bloom: Nutrients

    Shock and Awe Bloom Boost

    $39 - $2,499

    Blow up your buds and power your flowers with the nutrient mix that kicks plants in the pants! Successful growers know the importance of abundant phosphorus during the flowering and fruiting stages.

  • CalMag: Nitro Nutrients


    $29 - $1,999

    I know that Coco Coir is a very popular because of its high cation exchange capacity (CEC)–or ability to store and exchange nutrients. But if you don’t buffer that growing medium with calcium for strong cell walls and magnesium for chlorophyll production, I may turn yellow in protest.

  • Foliar Science: Nitro Nutrients

    Foliar Science

    $15 - $239

    Now that you’ve got that 1982 song in your head, let’s talk Foliar Science, our 29-9-9 plant-ready nitrogen delivery supplement. With 26% Urea, the most absorbent form of nitrogen, this product will unlock nutrient lockout, bypassing the soil with a direct foliar application that will knock out nutrient deficiencies.

  • Promo Kit


    Makes over 700 gallons of plant ready nutrients and includes both our micro products strong enough to grow roots on a bowling ball.