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Superior products producing superior results!

I use Dakine 420 for many reasons, a superior product at an excellent price point that produces beautiful top shelf cannabis time and time again.Time is money and the simplicity that Dakine 420 will bring to your garden is priceless!!
James - Breeder
JF Cannasthetics

Dakine 420 Gurus!

I just have to say I’ve been a gardening fool for years. I thought I had a green thumb, but after using your soils and nutrients, i'm the Jolly Green Giant! Harvest was bountiful. All my flowers went crazy!

Gayl Jakobsen

Dakine 420 is where it’s at

I got DaKine 420 after trying MANY different nutrient lines from bottled nutes to dry nutes. DaKine 420 Nitro Nutrients had everything my plants needed.I didn’t have to fight with any deficiencies or toxicities, I just followed their instructions on the feed chart and came out with the most beautiful plants and buds. The DaKine 420 team is awesome as well, very helpful and always a quick response. Thank you DaKine. I’ve already ordered again and am sold on this product.
Matthew Garrison - Grower

So Impressed with Dakine 420!

I am currently in week 3 of bloom with my plants and I am just so impressed with how they are loving the nutrients. This is my first grow using Dakine 420. Using the Grow, Base, Bloom along with the Shock and Awe (first week of that) and Cal-Mag, to go along with the mid-week flush + Sticky Icky and Atomic Root Powder. Have not encountered any problems whatsoever. Oh and I almost forgot, growing in your Organic Coco Coir Blend. The plants and myself could not be happier.

Brett M.


These are by far the most vigorous healthy roots I've seen. Only thing I've changed is my nutrient line to DaKine 420.
Bongs and Beardies

Since using DaKine 420 we have increased test results and volume.

Since using DaKine 420 we have increased test results and volume. Some of these high testers are also yielding better than 2 lbs per lite with one hitting a little over 3. Price and ease of use are definitely included in our decision, but the production speaks for itself. I’ve included some of our most recent test results for you to share with your other customers.


The Mad Scientists know what they are doing!

The nutes are the bomb. The mad scientist cooked up a great product line with these nutes. All you will need to add is a bloom booster and some cal-mag (which Dakine420 has). Great line to use and is almost ph perfect so you wont need to use much ph down and up.

Natural Mystic

Spread the word about DaKine 420!

I wanted to forward you the attached picture to show progress on our crop. Flowering is coming along nicely. I’ll be giving a presentation at University of North Carolina at Wilmington to several students that are working on a hemp project and will be passing out Dakine 420 stickers.Spreading the word brother!

Tush Pig Farms

Dakine 420 is KING of Fire and Frost!!

After using multiple nutrient lines with little to no luck and having many deficiencies, a Facebook friend told me this “When your done playing around and wanna get serious, get with Nate Hayes and buy some Dakine” His words rang in my head for weeks so I finally contacted Nate. Nate was awesome, he made me feel comfortable about the purchase and treated me like an old friend! That was about a year ago and I have not looked back since. I smile every time someone asks how I keep my plants so happy and I get to brag about Nate and Dakine 420!! #INDAKINEWETRUST!!!

Bobby Griffin
Medical Grower

Dakine 420 nutrients are outstanding

We have been rolling with Dakine 420 nutes for almost a year now. Once we did the side by side program they offer we were hooked. We have won 3 cannabis cup awards since. 2nd place at santa rosa hightimes cup 2019, 2nd and 3rd at emerald cup mixed light category 2019. It is simple to use, we have pumped it to our crops and never ever see a burnt leaf or a nutrient deficiency. Garden has been flawless people walk into our greenhouses and say wow great job. Not a yellow leaf in sight. Some folks around us say that stuffs to expensive, but you get what you pay for with dakine plus food grade ingredients and awesome yields you can’t beat it. Try some ASAP.

Ed walker
Diamondback Genetics

Dakine 420 nutrients blew my garden up!

Dakine 420 nutrients have blew my garden up. I’ve used fox farm and Veg+bloom in the past. Neither work like dakine 420.

Birchie Walter
GreenDreams Cultivation