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Below are testimonials from some of our customers. If you would like to add your own success story click here

Plants have never been healthier and happier!

I used to have a lot of issues with nute lockout or under feeding with the previous brand of nutrients (FoxFarm). It was also very confusing to use the previous brand at first, as there were a lot of nutes to mix at different times. With the DaKine 420 lineup it has simplified it and made it alot easier to mix and use. There also used to be a "floral" taste with the previous brand of nutes. With DaKine 420 the only taste now is the great terpene profile the plants produce. The most important part is the plants have never been healthier and happier.

Brian Bailey

Superior products producing superior results!

I use Dakine 420 for many reasons, a superior product at an excellent price point that produces beautiful top shelf cannabis time and time again.Time is money and the simplicity that Dakine 420 will bring to your garden is priceless!!
James - Breeder
JF Cannasthetics

Dakine 420 Gurus!

I just have to say I’ve been a gardening fool for years. I thought I had a green thumb, but after using your soils and nutrients, i'm the Jolly Green Giant! Harvest was bountiful. All my flowers went crazy!

Gayl Jakobsen

Dakine 420 is where it’s at

I got DaKine 420 after trying MANY different nutrient lines from bottled nutes to dry nutes. DaKine 420 Nitro Nutrients had everything my plants needed.I didn’t have to fight with any deficiencies or toxicities, I just followed their instructions on the feed chart and came out with the most beautiful plants and buds. The DaKine 420 team is awesome as well, very helpful and always a quick response. Thank you DaKine. I’ve already ordered again and am sold on this product.
Matthew Garrison - Grower

So Impressed with Dakine 420!

I am currently in week 3 of bloom with my plants and I am just so impressed with how they are loving the nutrients. This is my first grow using Dakine 420. Using the Grow, Base, Bloom along with the Shock and Awe (first week of that) and Cal-Mag, to go along with the mid-week flush + Sticky Icky and Atomic Root Powder. Have not encountered any problems whatsoever. Oh and I almost forgot, growing in your Organic Coco Coir Blend. The plants and myself could not be happier.

Brett M.


These are by far the most vigorous healthy roots I've seen. Only thing I've changed is my nutrient line to DaKine 420.
Bongs and Beardies

Since using DaKine 420 we have increased test results and volume.

Since using DaKine 420 we have increased test results and volume. Some of these high testers are also yielding better than 2 lbs per lite with one hitting a little over 3. Price and ease of use are definitely included in our decision, but the production speaks for itself. I’ve included some of our most recent test results for you to share with your other customers.


The Mad Scientists know what they are doing!

The nutes are the bomb. The mad scientist cooked up a great product line with these nutes. All you will need to add is a bloom booster and some cal-mag (which Dakine420 has). Great line to use and is almost ph perfect so you wont need to use much ph down and up.

Natural Mystic

Spread the word about DaKine 420!

I wanted to forward you the attached picture to show progress on our crop. Flowering is coming along nicely. I’ll be giving a presentation at University of North Carolina at Wilmington to several students that are working on a hemp project and will be passing out Dakine 420 stickers.Spreading the word brother!

Tush Pig Farms

Dakine 420 is KING of Fire and Frost!!

After using multiple nutrient lines with little to no luck and having many deficiencies, a Facebook friend told me this “When your done playing around and wanna get serious, get with Nate Hayes and buy some Dakine” His words rang in my head for weeks so I finally contacted Nate. Nate was awesome, he made me feel comfortable about the purchase and treated me like an old friend! That was about a year ago and I have not looked back since. I smile every time someone asks how I keep my plants so happy and I get to brag about Nate and Dakine 420!! #INDAKINEWETRUST!!!

Bobby Griffin
Medical Grower

Dakine 420 nutrients are outstanding

We have been rolling with Dakine 420 nutes for almost a year now. Once we did the side by side program they offer we were hooked. We have won 3 cannabis cup awards since. 2nd place at santa rosa hightimes cup 2019, 2nd and 3rd at emerald cup mixed light category 2019. It is simple to use, we have pumped it to our crops and never ever see a burnt leaf or a nutrient deficiency. Garden has been flawless people walk into our greenhouses and say wow great job. Not a yellow leaf in sight. Some folks around us say that stuffs to expensive, but you get what you pay for with dakine plus food grade ingredients and awesome yields you can’t beat it. Try some ASAP.

Ed walker
Diamondback Genetics

Dakine rules and veg+bloom drools

Okay so until recently we used veg+bloom in our garden but our plants were lacking in size. We were struggling to pull 28 grams per plant on average! We knew something needed to happen if we were going to keep growing. We decided to give the team here at Dakine a shot and guess what? We’re still growing today! We now average well above 28 grams easy. One of our plants from our last harvest yielded almost 100 grams! The amount of flower production is amazing. We now get bud sites from top to bottom and everyone is frosty! Don’t be cheap, make sure to spend the extra money and get that Shock and Awe and you won’t regret it!


Dakine 420 nutrients blew my garden up!

Dakine 420 nutrients have blew my garden up. I’ve used fox farm and Veg+bloom in the past. Neither work like dakine 420.

Birchie Walter
GreenDreams Cultivation

I couldn’t have done it without your amazing product

Superskunk a little after nine full weeks in flower. Super pungent smell and very dense flowers. Many thanks to the mad scientist for the 🔥🔥🔥 results. I couldn’t have done it without your amazing product.

Mr. Cannabis

Rocking Dakine 420

We’ve been rocking dakine420 for the last month. We have 48 24×100 ft greenhouses.

Uncle B
The Bud Joint

Dakine 420 is real!!!

I’m 2 weeks from harvest and my buds are looking beautiful

Richard and Richard

Super Stable DaKine 420 DWC

Tried Dakine last run and was very pleased with how the entire flower period went. Super stable PH no swings, great finished product


Quick and easy

Yields and quality, not much more to say about the products. We use the base, grow, bloom, and shock and awe. The company has delivered to us within 48 hours, even when we did a pallet of the coco. Super easy to mix and really clean. Been using them for 2 or more years. Beat out Dutch masters and Rx green in side by side, just stopped comparing after that!

Nick Kessler
Orange State

Awesome Results

I spoke with nate a few months back and ask about the sample box…he was on it . got me in contact with the office and the young lady there was just amazing went way out of her way to assist me…got my box few days later and was super excited to try these as ive tryed others in the past with good results…let me tell ya something .. You need to try this product dakine420 is very forgiving already PH perfect right on the money for me keeps mine at about 6.5 every time . I’m on my second run using these nutrients and my plants cannot be happier and they are stack to the gills with trics and supdersized buds. And the flavour they have is amazing ….thank you Nate and the whole dakine420 staff …as well as product and service every thing is above and beyond … Dakine420forthewin

Jeff Walters

Fantastic Nutrients

I have used several different brands of nutrients and Dakine 420 are by far the best for a lot of reasons, the main reason is the quality of all of there lines, simple to use, storage not an issue just the best products that I’ve used.


Amazing Results!!!

Such amazing Nutrients!! This was my first time with dakine and I loved the results I got. Very simple to use. I’d definitely recommend Dakine nutrients. I can’t wait till may To order my Nutrients for this years grow!!! Thanks Nathan for the great Customer Service!!

Jose Ballesteros

Simply Amazing!!

Let me start by saying that I’ve been growing for close to 11 years and have tried just about all of the major nutrient lines, and have had pretty good results. I’m in quite a few groups and started noticing people praising Dakine 420. I started seeing pics of grows running nothing but Dakine. I eventually ran into someone I knew that was using it and has been for a while. This kinda threw me off because he was a sales rep for another nutrient line. This prompted me to give it a try. Started out with the base and grow and noticed a difference within 2 days. The growth increased way more than expected and the plants colors were very vivid. I added the atomic root powder and BOOM! Growth overdrive! The plants absolutely loved it! This line seemed to have adjusted my ph because I didn’t have to raise it or lower it, which is most definitely a plus. I also used the bloom with the shock and awe during flower and couldn’t be happier with the results. Needless to say, I’ve been using Dakine for about 2 1/2 years and recommend this to everyone I know that grows and most have switched as well. You guys have to try it. They have starter kits for a very reasonable price so there is no excuse not to.

Dwight Overton

Very Simple and Very Effective

I just have to say that I am very satisfied with the results. I used to use a liquid based formula and I had to mix about 7 different items at a time. The DaKine 420 has saved me both time and money. Easy to store and easy to mix. I wouldn’t switch back for a million bucks!!!

Crizzle Farms

Great service and products!

I first discovered dakine420, in a Facebook group, they were giving away samples. I tried their samples on a auto-flower plant in a one gallon pot and got a good yield and second place in the grow off. I then got a hold of customer service and placed my first full order of dakine420, the customer service was excellent my representative kept ln touch with me thru email and messenger, and answered my questions and helped by giving advice on tweaking my use of the products, they are easy to use and mix, easier to store, my feed schedule is pinned to the wall. I am a very happy customer and will be using dakindness for a long time!!

Joseph Orchard

Dakine 420 has everything you need to be successful in your garden.

My name is Mikal Osborne and have worked in a Recreational Cannabis Garden at Shango for 5 Years now. Before we started using DAKINE 420 2 years ago we were always trying different nutrient lines to try to achieve the best final product without breaking the bank. When we made the switch to DAKINE 420 we were happy right away and never looked back. DAKINE 420 is a great and rewarding nutrient line. It will increase your test results almost immediately to where you have some of the highest in the game. Dakine 420 has always given me strong returns in yields while keeping my B bud down. One of my favorite things about Dakine 420 is the great customer service! Always very punctual when it comes to ordering. Also very helpful about any questions you might have as well. With there strong base line and many different components Dakine 420 has everything you need to be successful in your garden.

Mikal Osborne
Cultivation / GGS Team

Amazing product

Loooved running this product in my autos. Ran in two different strains and both of them came out phenomenal! Easy to use but very very efficient!


The Truth about DaKine 420

My experience with DaKine 420 has been excellent. The sales staff is very knowledgeable on their product and willing to help any way they can. They followed up with me after my purchase to make sure everything was good. Everything was great though, all 3 strains, ( sativa, hybrid, and an indica) all took very well to the nutrients. Very happy with the line up, sales team, and most importantly the qaulity of the harvest and cost effectiveness.

Medical Grower

Great Products and Great Staff!

I came across Dakine products while gathering equipment for our commercial operation. Knowing nothing about them, I searched what I could and although I couldn’t find a whole lot of information out there about these guys, but what I did find looked promising. So with a few totes of the OG mix and a couple of their promo packs, we were set. I had used Advanced Nutrients in the past but me being me, I wanted to stand out and be different from other operations. I’d seen an operation that uses a another popular company with liquid nutrients and the tanks just looked NASTY! So far, you can hardly tell that our tank has had any nutrients in it at all. No nasty residues here with these powdered nutrients. We’ve followed the instructions and the plants have looked great the entire grow thus far. Dark green waxy-like leaves that are never drooping down or curling up and are always healthy looking. We ran out of CalMag for several days and you could see the deficiencies coming out in our plants. Once we got them back on CalMag, the deficiencies went away almost immediately. We knew then the nutes were doing their job. Also the staff is incredibly knowledgeable. Kyle has been my main contact up there and has helped tremendously with not only nutrient information, but with a lot of general facility operation questions I’ve had along the way too. We are just a few weeks into flower on our first run and can’t wait to see how well the plants finish with these nutrients!

Oklahoma Medical Grower

DaKine 420 is the Only Thing for My Girls!

We’ve tried different coco based products because salespeople have approached us to try their brand, claiming it’s better than 420 DAKINE. NO KIDDING AROUND…We will not change anymore! This is the only thing my girls’ roots will ever touch. PH has never been an issue with DAKINE soil. My yields have increased tremendously, the girls are so happy in their 420 DAKINE! Talk standing hairs & lovely crystals, is all I have to say! 2 green thumbs up!

Kei Kasper
Hoak Green

Best nutrients hands down! SO MUCH SNOW!

Well i thought i woukd try a new nutrient line. And i was shopping around! I got some dakine420 product and ran 2 brands advanced nutrients and dakine420. The dakine was so much better in a few ways. 1. Easier to work with. Scoops in the jars! 2. Mixed well in small 16oz. Bottles as wells as gallons. 3. Easier to store takes less space than liquids. The trichrome pruduction is insane! I have 5 nutrient lines and all of them are shelved except for this FANTASTIC line! I have the feeding chart pinned to my wall permanently

Russ Gibbons
Medical Grower

Better Results with Less Products to Mix

I have been cultivating cannabis now for almost 20 years and I have tried many products lights nutrients you name it the the methods monster cropping supercropping lst training scrog sog and this year I got I would say challenged to try something new dakine 420 nutes now me being the OCD person I am I wanted not only to try them but run a comparison as to how they compared against advanced nutrients that have been using what I found is that I got better results with less products to mix advanced nutrients is a line that is so broken down you need 16 bottles to grow a weed were as dakine 420 6 or 7 packages of powder to mix as strong or a weak as you would need based on your ph and your basic waters ph so I strongly recommend dakine420

Arthur Pittman
Medical Grower

Man Your Products Rock!

Man Ur products rock. My outdoor was slacking until I use Ur product on them. They went from losing leaves everyday. Leaves turning yellow. I swear after the first feeding with Ur stuff they went green. Then no more leaf loss. They grew into beautiful plants. Thanks for such a great product.

Medical Grower

Couldn’t believe the difference

This is our first year growing hemp, we are also a Certified organic grower so we grew our hemp crop the way we grow our herbs and heirloom veggie plants. I should also mention that we are not field growers , our crop is being grown outdoors on drip in 15 gallon pots. I had asked for and received some samples from Dakine 420 , one of the products is the hemp pro fertilizer that Dakine is working towards getting the OMRI seal for. We applied the fertilizer as a top dressing according to the labels directions , this particular crop was potted in early July and the whole crop was the Baox variety. After a couple of weeks we started to notice a difference in the 5-6 pots that received the fertilizer, aside from the deep green color of the pots and overall robust appearance these pots really stood out from the rest of the crop. Now that the plants are in the flowering stage it’s easy to see the difference in flower size and the distance between the nodes, all of the other pots in this crop looked great as well but the difference was easy to see in the ones with the Dakine 420 product, we will have flower from these pots tested against the rest of the crop after the drying and curing process to see how the cannabinoid profile stacks up. Overall… when this fertilizer receives its OMRI seal and our certified signs off on it , it’s what we will use for any crops to follow. Great job Dakine 420

John Wrenn

Hemp Grower
J&B Herb & Plant Farm

I can’t believe all the crystals using your product

Just want to send you a couple pictures. I can’t believe in the first picture all the crystals using your product . Thanks man

Medical Grower

This Stuff is the Real Deal!!!

I’ve been growing for years and have run all the big name nutrients. I’ve grown commerical and personal. I don’t know where to begin, but I’m going to start with the mixing. The mixing of these nutrients is honestly the easiest I’ve ever had. The powder dissolves very easily and quickly. The fact that I’m using 4 parts and a couple of my own additives makes changing my tanks quick and easy. I used to have to scrub and clean all the leftovers weekly from my tanks and I only had to clean once at the end of my grow. It almost seems like a sin coming from an OCD grower. The PH doesn’t fluctuate more than a few points each week. Alot of companies claim to be PH perfect and from my experience its rarely true. The quality and size of flowers are top shelf for sure. I just finished weighing up and hit 3/4 of a pound more than I usually hit. I use the same 4 strains and same plant count every grow. I’ve been growing these strains for 2yrs straight. I also used the foliar spray and top dressing. Both high quality! I can say this stuff is honestly the best nutrients I’ve seen in years and what puts them over the top is how clean and easy they are to use. Oh and running at 1800-2000 ppm is unheard of, but my ladies loved it. Good work Dakine 420 and I will be spreading the word in Colorado and Oklahoma!!!!!!!!

Colorado Medical Grower


Me and a buddy was chatting about nutrition for the girls and he told me that after using Dakine 420 nutrients, he would never switch up. That’s hard to believe, considering we’ve been using the same stuff for years! So, if he is that convinced about it, i want to try it as well.


Best Nutes on the Market

Since recently getting running a grow again I have used your samples and let me tell you hands down best nutrients I’ve run to Date best weight best smell look everything!!!

Ryan D.
Medical Grower

Hands down best nutrients

Best nutes on the market imo…hands down🔥

Will M.
Medical Grower

BEST customer help

I use DaKine because they have the BEST customer help you could ever want and dope ass products


A customer for life!

I can’t tell you how good it is knowing you guys will pick up the phone or email me back so quickly with my dumb rookie questions. Please know that I appreciate DaKine and that you guys have gained a customer for life!


Quality Nutrients

I ran a test grow with Dakine 420 nutrients and was pleasantly surprised . I judge nutrients by the health and vigor of a plant Dakine has the right ratio of nutrients in their formula I noticed fat and healthy stalks from the three varieties I tested them on . I have decided to run a second grow with 4 plants in a more harsh environment .If they do well there which I think they will then I will bring there product into my main garden.

Charlie's Seeds

Nothing else…

My brother has been growing for >20 years and has run almost every major nutrient brand out there. When he came across DaKine a few years back he asked me to give them a shot. I was reluctant at first, and was happy with my output. I finally relented and have Dakine a try. My output nearly doubled. The plants are healthier and the grows are easier. Solid weights make life so much easier than worrying about ml/gallon measurements. I’ll never look back and recommend them to anyone I come across who grows.