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Seedling-Harvest, Product Usage Tip Sheet

When seedlings/plants are 6-8” tall, you can begin feeding them GROW and BASE at about half strength (400-500 ppms) of the recommended doses that you will be feeding them in week 1 of veg.  Using the chart below, you can see that in week 1 of veg, you’ll be using 2 grams of GROW and 2 grams of BASE for every gallon of water you feed in week 1.  (Basic and Advanced 1-Gal, Hydro and Soil Charts Below)
Once into the veg and flower phases, simply use the charts below to see which products and how much of each you’ll be using in every gallon of water you feed.  For example, if you look at week 2 of the flower phase on the chart, you’d be using 2 grams of GROW, 3 grams of BASE and 3 grams of BLOOM, for every gallon of water you feed that week.
You’ll notice in week 3 of the flower phase on the chart, you’re no longer using GROW.  If you are planning on using SHOCK AND AWE BLOOM BOOSTER, this is when you would start using it at 2 grams per gallon, IN ADDITION TO the normal weekly feedings of BASE and BLOOM.
Flush Days: We recommend flushing at least once every two weeks during the growing cycles..  To properly flush, use fresh water only, (no nutrients) and water your plants till you see between 20-30% runoff.  If using ATOMIC ROOT POWDER and/or STICKY ICKY, use it on flush days at a rate of 1-2 grams per gallon of water.  ATOMIC ROOT POWDER can be used up to 2-3 weeks before you harvest.  STICKY ICKY can be used the entire time.
Pre-Harvest Flush:  After you’ve completed your final week's feedings, we recommend flushing to the same 20-30% runoff for 5-7 days.  This will help clean out the plant by forcing it to use up any stored nutrients and will ultimately help with both the smell and taste of your buds.