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Dr. Dakine’s Law of Awesomeness:



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Total Grow:

Total Base:

Total Bloom:

New as of 11-15-17

We have revised our feed schedule for maximum performance.

An approximate 15% to 20% increase in bloom stage nutrient usage showed significant results in yields.

We strive to give our customers maximum results.

Mixing Instructions

Calculations & Best Results:

Calculated Using 500 PPM Scale

For Best results: Mix powders and granules in a sealed container with water and shake vigorously for 30 seconds, then pour into reservoir.
For best results use this product for every watering except weekly fresh water flush.
Use nitro nutrients atomic root powder at 1gm per gallon once weekly for enhanced root stimulation and growth.

Measuring Scoops Included:

  • Jars: (250gm, 500gm, 1000gm, 2000gm) = 1 Teaspoon/tsp
  • Pales: (10000gm) = 1 Ounce/Oz = 6 Teaspoons/tsp

1 Teaspoon Equals:

  • Grow = 5.0 Grams
  • Base = 7.0 Grams
  • Bloom = 6.5 Grams

Other Information

* All calculations are grams per gallon
* PPM calculations are based on zero PPM R/O water
* PPM levels may fluctuate with domestic water
* It is safe to run PPM levels at 10% higher when using domestic or well water