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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Can I use Grow, Base, or Bloom as a stand-alone fertilizer, or do I need all 3?

They can be used as stand-alone. However, for optimum growth and yields all 3 products are required. Grow and Base during your veg cycle and Base and Bloom for your flowering cycle.

Your feed chart shows doses by weight, and I don't have a scale. What do I do?

Each product has a teaspoon included. The following conversions are provided for measuring product by teaspoon rather than a scale.

1 tsp. Grow = 5 grams

1 tsp. Base = 7 grams

1 tsp. Bloom = 6.5 grams

What if I don't have a PPM meter?

Dakine 420 recommends a PPM meter set at a 500 scale. However, if you don’t have one, using the recommended grams per gallon will get you pretty close.

Can I mix all powdered nutrients into one single container and then mix?

We suggest mixing all nutrients separately, then adding them to your reservoir or watering device. This prevents the possibility of Calcium and Phosphorous locking each other out if mixed together.

What is the best method for mixing the nutrients?

You can just simply add required amounts separately into your reservoir or watering device. However, for best results use a jar or small container with a lid. Vigorously shake for 15 seconds and add to reservoir or watering device.

I see you have other additives, such as CalMag, Shock & Awe, Atomic Root Powder, and Foliar Science. Do I need to use these products with the simple 3 parts?

No. Our 3 part system Rocks! However, depending on your environment and type of growing medium, our other products have great benefits


Our Atomic Root Powder helps promote healthy root colonization in all grow mediums.

Shock & Awe Bloom Boost is a high phosphorous pH boost to help promote larger flowers.

CalMag is used as a supplement when growing in Coco Coir, but is an all around good supplement.

Foliar Science is best used for helping plants that have experienced nutrient lock out or have been under-fed. Use it on yellowing plants and see them turn dark green in no time.

Do I need A pH meter or way to measure my pH?

Our nutrients are very well balanced and almost always come out pH perfect between 6.0 and 7.0. However, some domestic water supplies and wells have very low or high pH values. We recommend using  pH paper or pH meter.

What is the recommended feed strength for Auto Flowers?

The Auto flowers feed at a lower rate. 1/2 – 2/3 strength will be sufficient. You would want to start on the lower end and bump up your feed strength as needed.

How much water do I use to feed with?

If you are drain to waste you need a 10% run off.

I'm new to growing. Which Dakine 420 nutrients should I start with?

All of the various nutrient options can be overwhelming when you are a new grower. We recommend getting started with our core nutrient system, which is simply 3 parts; Base, Grow, and Bloom. Feed your plants Base throughout the grow cycle. Add Grow to your feeding schedule during the vegetative (veg) stage, and Bloom for flower stage. So you only use 2 at a time. All of our products are pH balanced so typically, no pH up or down are needed, and most of the time no CalMag is needed either. 

Basic instructions, along with recommended feeding schedule are printed on each Dakine 420 product label, however, if you ever need further instructions or advice, please don’t hesitate to email us info@dakine420.com or give us a call (541) 420-4645.

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