This Stuff is the Real Deal!!!

I’ve been growing for years and have run all the big name nutrients. I’ve grown commercial and personal. I don’t know where to begin, but I’m going to start with the mixing. The mixing of these nutrients is honestly the easiest I’ve ever had. The powder dissolves very easily and quickly. The fact that I’m using 4 parts and a couple of my own additives makes changing my tanks quick and easy. I used to have to scrub and clean all the leftovers weekly from my tanks and I only had to clean once at the end of my grow. It almost seems like a sin coming from an OCD grower. The PH doesn’t fluctuate more than a few points each week. A lot of companies claim to be PH perfect and from my experience it's rarely true. The quality and size of flowers are top shelf for sure. I just finished weighing up and hit 3/4 of a pound more than I usually hit. I use the same 4 strains and same plant count every grow. I’ve been growing these strains for 2 yrs straight. I also used the foliar spray and top dressing. Both high quality! I can say this stuff is honestly the best nutrients I’ve seen in years and what puts them over the top is how clean and easy they are to use. Oh and running at 1800-2000 ppm is unheard of, but my ladies loved it. Good work Dakine 420 and I will be spreading the word in Colorado and Oklahoma!!!!!!!!

Jason, Colorado Medical Grower
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