I'm new to growing. Which Dakine 420 nutrients should I start with?

All of the various nutrient options can be overwhelming when you are a new grower. We recommend getting started with our core nutrient system, which is simply 3 parts; Base, Grow, and Bloom. Feed your plants Base throughout the grow cycle. Add Grow to your feeding schedule during the vegetative (veg) stage, and Bloom for flower stage. So you only use 2 at a time. All of our products are pH balanced so typically, no pH up or down is needed, and most of the time no CalMag is needed either.


Basic instructions, along with recommended feeding schedule are printed on each Dakine 420 product label, however, if you ever need further instructions or advice, please don’t hesitate to email us info@dakine420.com or give us a call (541) 420-4645.


Our Starter Kit is perfect for new growers and contains enough Base, Grow, and Bloom to run a plant or two from start to finish.

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