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DaKine 420 One Gallon Grow Challenge

Sponsored by:
Starts: November 15th
Ends: March 1
Please take a minute and read through the contest rules.
1. All participants must complete the qualifications form below. Participation is limited to 100 growers, so get your forms submitted sooner rather than later.
2. All participants must join the Facebook Group "DaKine 420 Growers Collective"
3. Container size limited to 1 gallon.
4. All participants must post at least 1 photo to the Facebook Group during "picture check" each month. More photos are encouraged, but not required.
5. All participants will receive three (3) Acapulco Gold Auto-Flower Feminized seeds from Rocket Seeds. You must only use the seeds provided. Seeds are provided free of charge, and sent to the address indicated in the form below.
6. All participants will receive a DaKine 420 Starter Kit (Grow, Base & Bloom) plus Shock & Awe, and Atomic Root Powder. You must use these nutrients only. You will receive enough nutrients to make approximately 80 gallons of plant ready nutrients. Additional quantities of the same nutrients can be purchased at 20% off MSRP. Nutrients will be sent to the address indicated in the form below.
7. Harvest Date will be posted to the Facebook Group. There will be a 1 week grace period for late finishers.
8. Final photo and weight must be posted to the Facebook Group. THC and Terpene levels may also be posted, but are not required.
9. The winner will be chosen by peer. Each participant is alloted 3 votes. You may not vote for yourself. 
10. The winner will receive a DaKine 420 Advanced Growers Kit, a trophy, and a custom poster memorializing your win.
11. You must be 21 and over. 
Questions? Contact Ashlee at DaKine 420.
Deadline for entry is October 31st.
Contest starts November 15th and runs through March 1.

Submissions Closed